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ASTRHO Launches Worldwide Today with OwnerRez as a Leading Sponsor!

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We're excited to finally be able to tell everyone about a great new association that is launching today - the Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners (ASTRHO.org).  We not only support ASTRHO, but OwnerRez is also a featured sponsor!

ASTRHO was created so that short-term and vacation rental homeowners can easily access education, community, experts, perks and benefits; and quickly solve problems and be more profitable.

The professional Property Management world has had a number of industry associations going back several decades, but vacation rental homeowners have never had a strong voice in their corner.  Now they do!

ASTRHO launched today and they have some exciting events coming up:

  • Sep 22:  Meet ASTRHO - Live Launch Event. Free to members and nonmembers. Registration now open via this link.
  • Sep 24:  How to Price.  In this 1-week power course, you’ll learn pricing and revenue management best practices and includes expert instructors, presenters, office hours, and class material.  Free to members.
  • Oct 14:  Technology ToolBox - Work Smarter, Not Harder.  In this 1-week power course, we’ll review methods for building your technology toolbox to make home-ownership easier and more profitable.  Free to members.

We hope all OwnerRez users take a minute to click on over to ASTRHO and join today. Take advantage of the free 14-day trial period and experience a new community of voices completely focused on your needs.

After joining, please spread the word!  Wherever you do social media, please tell your vacation rental friends and partners about ASTRHO.  Let's get the world out to all vacation rental homeowners today!

If you're sharing the word with other OwnerRez users, just share this blog post directly.  If you're looking for social media links direct to ASTRHO, here's a quick list:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/astrho
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theastrho
Instagram: @theastrho