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All about them Backdated Product Updates, and Bugs!

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OwnerRez is celebrating National High Five Day today! ✋ Why? Because we've posted all of our backdated Product Updates!

Remember our New Year's resolution to post all of our backdated Product Updates and post current Product Updates in a timely fashion? We're pretty pumped about making good on that! Especially completing the former.

And like our first Product Update post of 2023, this April 19th release has only bug fixes--10 to be exact. 🪲 So join us in a virtual high-five as you jump into this latest Product Update--and all of our backdated ones linked at the bottom!

Bug Fixes

Airbnb Old Casing Still Showing on Channel Bridge Importing Errors. When OwnerRez users experienced Channel Bridge (CB) import errors, the error messages displayed "AirBnb," an incorrect letter case for Airbnb. This has been fixed. Airbnb should be proud of us for upholding its branding.

Avoid Duplicate Loading of iframe Widgets Where Surrounding Page Has Rewritten HTML Elements to Handle Elementor Popup Bug. A user was experiencing two iframes (with duplicate displays) loaded in the popup modal on their WordPress website when an OwnerRez widget was added to an Elementor popup modal. This has been fixed to get around Elementor's current iframe bug.

Fix CB Duplication on Vrbo "you remit" vs. "you collect" Taxes Leading to Double Tax Amount. Some OwnerRez users experienced tax amount duplications when completing the Vrbo Channel Bridge (CB) process. This problem has been fixed and the Vrbo CB process will now import correctly.

Fix Issue Where Booking Door Lock Code List Was Showing an Old Lock Name After Moving to a New Property When There Were Multiple Locks Involved. A user saw old lock names in their booking door lock code list after moving to a new property with multiple locks. This bug has been fixed and door lock names will not accurately display the current and correct lock names.

Fix Issue Where Moving Bookings Between Properties Was Encountering an Error When Moving RemoteLock Codes Between Devices. OwnerRez users that were integrated with RemoteLock and moved bookings between properties were experiencing door code failures between physical property door locks. This bug has been corrected to now delete the access person access instead of accessible when moving RemoteLock codes between devices.

Fix Sending SMS Sometimes Fails When Using 10-digit Numbers. Some OR users were experiencing Short Message Service (SMS) text message failures. It will now always use the E164 (formatted) phone number for SMS texting.

Fix Typos in Missed Trigger Wording. Two typos were found in the missed trigger section and have been corrected.

Normalize Hosted Description HTMLizing. Some OwnerRez users were experiencing formatting issues in their hosted website property descriptions. A bug was rendering plain text instead of the expected HTML transform in their hosted website property descriptions. This has been fixed and hosted website property descriptions will display the expected HTML transform.

Reflect Portal's User and Original Invite Emails if Different. Some OwnerRez users found that their Portal Team Access displayed different names and emails than expected. This bug has been fixed and portal user names and emails, if different, will now display correctly.

Review Data Not Updating Timely on Hosted Sites When Reviews Change. OwnerRez noticed that reviews for hosted websites were not updating in a timely manner and users thought there was a bug. We now nudge the warehouse service to run sooner if a review has been updated instead of waiting for the scheduled service to run by the next time. This equals more instant gratification.

Backdated Product Updates