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Bug Fixes only for the October 11 Product Update

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Hi everyone!  Slow week on updates because a bunch of us were at VRMA, but we still managed to bang out 13 bug fixesTake a look!

Bug Fixes

Always process Travel Insurance.  We have a "Confirm and Finalize" page where users often go to make 'pending' bookings permanent. The confirm page runs the guest's card and does a bunch of stuff including processing Travel Insurance requests. However the user can bypass this by going to the payments area and just running the guest's card directly. When they do that, the booking's 'pending' status is removed. We noticed some scenarios where this process would leave the Travel Insurance request open and not process it.  We fixed that.

List optimizations.  We noticed that some users had long-running list loads.  For instance, when you pull up your list of Expenses, the list might take a few seconds because of how many you had.  There were a couple of lists around the system that were doing this.  We made some tweaks to how those lists load to get rid of the speed issues.  Back to fast!  🏃‍♀️

Widget scrolling on first load.  In a recent update, we made the Property Search/Availability widget automatically scroll to the top when loading pages because it uses a pager bar at the bottom to show a certain number of pages at a time. When moving to the next or previous page, the widget now automatically scrolls to the top so that the guest can see the property results without having to constantly move up and down.  However, we noticed that this was happening on the first page when the widget is first loading causing some web pages to jump down to where the widget is.  We fixed this so that it no longer happens on the initial load.

No blog yet.  Some of our upcoming work on hosted websites, specifically around a blog option we're adding, was leaked early!  Some users saw some blog buttons that went nowhere.  All gone now.

Default commission/expense amounts on new charge line items.  Last week we updated the charges line item grid to work better on mobile.  However, while doing that, we introduced a bug where Commission and Expense amounts were not being set correctly when a new line item was added and a surcharge type was selected.  This is now fixed.

Security deposit reminders for Airbnb.  Back in the days before Airbnb security deposits, we didn't want security deposit reminders going out to Airbnb bookings so we would turn that off for Airbnb bookings automatically, no matter what your settings were.  Now that security deposits are managed by Airbnb and shown to the guest, the reminder should go out like any other bookings, so we stopped doing that.

Pending Vrbo bookings not showing correct amounts.  If you get bookings from Vrbo in Request To Book mode, the booking comes into OwnerRez in pending status then updates when you confirm and run the card.  However, we noticed that in some cases, the Amount Received totals on the booking's transactions page was not updating.  This has been fixed.

Reactivating old properties should reactivate the mutual blocks too.  If you deactivated a property before July 2020, and subsequently reactivated it, you may have discovered that previous mutual blocking was no longer functional. We ran a cleanup on those so you can reactivate those properties now with peace of mind.

Removing a tag from a booking should remove it from the report too.  A sharp-eyed user pointed out that a tag he had deleted from the booking was still showing on the Daily Checklist report.

Some browser like drop-downs a little too much.  We recently updated the change charges page to be more mobile friendly, but we discovered that some mobile browsers were too eagerly expanding the first drop-down as soon as you open the page. This is really confusing to you our users, so we told them to stop that.

If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it...  Somewhere along the line, we lost the ability to add the Forest location type to properties. We put it back in, so maybe you'll hear that tree fall now. 🌳

Discount codes should go in the right place.  If you have discounts you want to apply only to some charges, we offer the position feature. However, we discovered a bug when using a discount code: the discount was always added after surcharges that had no position set. It should be added before, so we fixed that.

Commission and expense should auto-fill.  When you add charges to a booking or quote, the commission and expense used to auto-fill from the surcharge (or discount). They now do.

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Michele W
Oct 15, 2021 10:33 AM
Joined Sep, 2018 48 posts

Can we PLEASE have an "Insert Field" for "Discount". It would be VERY useful in writing templates that discuss the discount given to a guest. There could actual be two. One for the dollar amount and the other for the description. I dont know about anybody else, be when we get quotes come in for dates we normally would not book, we turn around and give them a discount if they book. Currently this is all done manually for the discount information. Thanks OR team, keep up the AWESOME work. I dont how you guys do it!