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Configuring travel insurance

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Travel insurance is a great option to offer your guests because it gives them peace of mind about cancellations.  There is nothing worse for the guest than having to cancel a vacation while realizing that they're past the refund period, which means that hundreds or thousands of dollars will be lost.  Travel insurance takes away that worry.

That being said, there may be owners who do not want to offer travel insurance to their guests and don't want the option showing up at all.

Conversely, there may also be owners that want to require guests to buy travel insurance, such that it is automatically added to every booking.

All of this is possible.  There are options both at the quote and property level to enable, disable, require or pre-select travel insurance.

Navigate to any one of your properties, click on the Billing Details tab and then click the "Change" button.  At the bottom of the page, you'll see a "Travel Insurance" section with several options.

travel insurance configuration options

By default, the third option is selected which allows the guest to see travel insurance on their quote and optionally choose to purchase it.  We recommend that you leave this option in place as it offers the most versatility without forcing the guest to do anything.  With this option, you can also set travel insurance to be selected by default if you want to encourage guests to purchase it.

travel insurance optional

The second option forces the guest to purchase travel insurance.  If selected, travel insurance won't appear as a selectable check-box.  Instead, it's a line item charge like any other.

travel insurance required

The first option does exactly what it says - travel insurance is completely disabled.  Not only will it not be selectable on the quote, but all other marketing information will disappear.  The guest will never see or hear about it anywhere.

As with all the other billing details, these travel insurance options can also be configured at the quote level.  For instance, suppose that you have a guest that needs to buy travel insurance and you want to make sure they include it.  Instead of leaving it in the normal optional state, you can simply set travel insurance as required on that specific quote and it will appear as a line item that they have to purchase.

We strongly recommend that you keep travel insurance enabled, optional and unselected by default.  You may find that your conversion rate increases as guests now see that they have a way to mitigate cancellation problems.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask.

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