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Enhanced Mobile Quotes, Inquiry Displays, and more!

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Whew, it's time to take a break from your NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project ✍️ and read today's product update describing our November 11th release with 4 updates!

And unlike your novel's plot, this product update is not fiction, it's all for real. Read below the fold for more information about our enhanced Progressive Web App and sleek new (not just a pop-up) modal designs.

Enhancements & Tweaks

Enhanced Mobile Quote and Inquiry Displays

OwnerRez's Progressive Web App is a great option for users that are on the go yet still need to be responsive to their guests. And unlike standalone apps that you install and have to keep updated, you don't have to download a new version of the OwnerRez app whenever we improve the software, which is just about every day!  You instantly get the most recent version as soon as we deploy it.

OwnerRez mobile booking displays have had some enhanced details for quite some time. And we have expanded those enhanced details to now display on both inquiries and quotes. Newly expanded mobile displays include:

  • The inquiry/quote number is visible on mobile displays so it will be available if users send screenshots as shown below.

  • The activity section at the bottom of the inquiry/quote mobile screen displays the created (and if updated, the updated) dates.

Learn more about it by reading our Progressive Web App support article.

Normalized Modal Design App-wide

Modals, much like pop-ups, are components that pop up on a user's screen. The key difference is that modals are user-initiated to complete an action or specific workflow. Over the past year, all OwnerRez app modals have changed to a sleeker looking design with the user being directed to initiate an action with a set of buttons on the bottom of the modal to complete or cancel that action as shown below. Even though the 'X' to close is gone from the top right corner, you can still click off the modal or hit the Esc key to close them!

Bug Fixes

Fix Bedroom Issues on Listing Import. We've improved the Vrbo listing imports and Airbnb syncing to more accurately import and sync extra rooms with beds.

Fix Report Field Data Joining to Files When Field Definition Isn't File Type. We noticed that when a user created a custom booking text type field storing numbers that duplicated the ID of the file, that the report fields column displayed the name of the file instead of the number entered in the field. This bug has been corrected.