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Enhancements and Bug Fixes for the Week of May 10th

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Hi everyone! ☕️ Before we move into the weekend, here's a quick list of updates (25 total) that we put out this past week.  No new features; just enhancements and bug fixes this time around!

Enhancements & Tweaks

Our list of enhancements is scattered, so we'll run through them in no particular order.

Are you a nerd that wants to mess with the photo slider on your hosted website?  Great, step right this way!  As we work to make our hosted website more configurable, we updated the photo slider on property pages to be accessible via scripting.  You can now control the photo slider speed, and its other properties, via the window.lightSliderInstance object.  If you have no idea what any of this means, just tip-toe on by and act like nothing ever happened.

Inquiries are associated with guests (or contacts) just like quotes and bookings, we updated the yellow bar on inquiries to include a "Conversation" link so that you can go to the guest's conversation thread.

We added a link to the Renter Agreement template in the booking Legal tab.  This will help you jump quickly to the right template if you need to make changes and have a lot of different agreement templates.

When submitting information or searching for something, our buttons typically show a little spinner so that the user knows the page is working.  We added a similar spinner to the widgets and website pages on the guest side so that they get the same feedback.

Ever wanted to see the import history for your Channel Bridge import files?  Now you can.  We added an "Imports" tab on the Channel Bridge page (Settings > Channel Bridge> click into Airbnb or Vrbo) which will show you the history of every Channel Bridge import you've ever done and the original file for you to download.  Note that if you have API integration in place, the Channel Bridge area will not be shown.  This is only available for users without API integration at the moment.

Last little thing... We modified the links on the properties on the PM > Configuration Dashboard page so that you see the current configuration instead of the edit page.  It was confusing before to click on those properties and drill right into a configuration change without any context.

Bug Fixes

SmokyMountains.com is Instant Book only.  We noticed that our SmokyMountains.com channel integration (still in private invite-only mode) had a Request To Book option, but that isn't actually supported, so we removed it.  If you'd like to be included in the SmokeMountains.com channel integration, reach out to our help desk at any time!

Houfy no longer needs a manual inquiry email address.  Houfy now uses the email address that we provide them, via the channel integration, to automatically send guest inquiries to OwnerRez.  Because of this, there is no need for you to change anything manually in the Houfy control panel.  Our Houfy channel instructions mentioned this, so we removed those clauses to avoid confusion.

Don't allow resetting charges if unable to generate charges.  When resetting charges on a booking, there are situations where the charges cannot be generated.  We know this but still let you hit the "Yes, Reset Charges" button. We now hide the button so that a crash doesn't occur and tell you about it ahead of time.

Reduced contention on QuickBooks syncing.  if you do multiple things that change the financial info (charges, payments, expenses, fees) on a booking, it can cause the booking to sync to QuickBooks multiple times which, in turn, can lead to sync actions stepping on each other.

Cards haven't failed unless they've failed.  In certain situations, it's possible for a booking to store a credit card (ie. card on file) that has not actually been verified.  There are good reasons for this.  However, we noticed that those cards are then shown as "failed" even though they were never tried.  We fixed this so that they don't show as failed unless they were actually declined.

Order of inbox history.  We found and fixed a situation where the inbox history was not displayed in the correct order from newest to oldest.

Portal user with no properties and holidays.  If one of your portal users had no properties assigned (perhaps they were associated with an owner), holidays would not render correctly on the calendar.  This has been fixed.

Faster reviews list.  Have we ever mentioned that we care about speed around here?  🚀  We are constantly monitoring and measuring our page performance, and we recently noticed an issue where the Review list was doing an extra lookup when showing reviews that was slowing it down needlessly.  We fixed this. Vroom, vroom!

Filtering by Booked date should show all bookings.  When filtering by Booked date, the date range would cut off the end date.  This has been fixed so that the date range is inclusive of both the start and end dates.

Auto select gross for "PM will pay channel fees" setting.  If you use our PM module, there's a setting on each owner record that lets you specify whether channel fees (eg. Airbnb host fees) are expense'd to the owner or the PM pays them.  With that, there's another setting that determines whether commission is given back or calculated on the gross revenue of the booking even though the fee is being expense'd.  Typically, if the host fee is expense'd to the owner, the commission is calculate on the owner amount and not the gross (so that the owner is not hit twice) but we let each user decide on an owner by owner basis.  However, we noticed that when PM pays the channel fee, the second option was still being set to owner amount which no longer makes sense.  We fixed this so that gross is selected.

HomeToGo bookings are now always instant book.  Under some circumstances, we were creating HomeToGo bookings in Pending status. This has been resolved. All HomeToGo bookings should be created as confirmed.

Filter contacts by Added date for real.  The Contacts (ie. guests) list already had a filter for finding guests by Added (ie. Created) date, but it wasn't working properly, so we fixed it.

Prevent duplicate lock integrations, but properly.  We already were checking for duplicate lock integration accounts, but there were some false negatives. We've transformed those to true positives.

New triggers not firing until the next day. We noticed an issue where time zones were affecting when booking-created triggers were running, and they were waiting an extra day.  This is now fixed!

Use account theme "From Email Address" for hosted website "My Email" links.  If you have put in a "From Email Address" different from your user email address on your account theme, we'll now use that From address on your hosted website headers when you select the "My Email" link type.

Validate that maximum guests is higher than maximum adults and maximum children.  If you want to allow 10 adults and only 8 guests, you're out of luck. Not even OwnerRez can do that math! 🤪

Don't save discount code when not using a code mode discount.  Did you enter a code for your discount, then switch the discount to Manual or Automatic mode? Previously we would keep the code around behind the scenes. However, that prevents you from using that code on a different discount, so we decided to clean those unused codes out completely.

Mislabeled discounts in direct rate tester.  The Direct Rate Tester was mislabeling some discounts as "surcharges." A gentle scolding seems to have corrected that behavior.

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Thanks for the Channel Bridge history! It may be a little thing but I find it super helpful. Cheers!