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Fourteen Bug Fixes (and StayFi Email Marketing Free For All OwnerRez Users)

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Happy National Brownie Day! 🤎

Image by Yiannis Kamatsos from Pixabay

Before you start celebrating, discover all the sweet details (minus the calories!) of this product update from our December 6th release with 15 updates.

New Features

Free StayFi Email Marketing For All OwnerRez Users

If you missed the news, all OwnerRez customers now get free StayFi Email Marketing for up to 200 contacts with exclusive discounts for larger lists! Also, get 50% off all other StayFi tools for the first three months with code OWNERREZ at signup.

OwnerRez Stayfi Email Marketing

StayFi allows you to import all your OwnerRez guest data and start using its specially-built email marketing tool to boost repeat direct bookings and generate significant incremental revenue.

Check out Wednesday's Free StayFi Email Marketing For All OwnerRez Users blog post to learn more!

Bug Fixes

Don't Error on Guest Update if Door Code Update Fails -- Let the Email Handle It.  System services could error in an edge case when door code update failures occur. We have resolved this issue to notify users by email alerts when door code update failures occur.

Don't Error When Clicking on an Invite Link That Has Been Deleted. Deleted Team Access invitations generated errors when invitees attempted to click on the deleted invitation link. OR has fixed this glitch, and instead of an error, it will now display a message stating that the invitation has been deleted.

Don't Style the "If Pending Expires" Labels With Strikethrough If They Aren't Disabled. The If Pending Expires section in the Pending & Auto Cancellation of the Booking Rules incorrectly displayed labels with strikethrough text even if not disabled. We have corrected this bug, and labels in the If Pending Expires section in the Pending & Auto Cancellation of the Booking Rules will be displayed correctly.

Fix Announcement History to Not Show Future Scheduled Announcements. Following the November 15th release of Announcements (f.k.a. Dismissed Alerts), future scheduled Announcements were inadvertently displayed when users selected all categories. OR resolved this glitch, and future Announcements will not be visible until the scheduled time.

Fix SMS Attachments Caching Signed URL in Conversations. Users who received images via SMS attachments in Guest Conversations encountered an issue where the attachment URLs were expiring, and the expired attachment URL was inaccessible. We have corrected the problem to clone SMS attachments while performing the necessary validation checks.

First Name Input on Theming Edit Page is Labeled Last Name. The input label for the First Name field was incorrectly labeled as Last Name when users added a new or edited an existing theme. OR fixed this bug.

Handle Airbnb Message Webhooks That Don't Have Any Thread User Collection. Airbnb experienced a glitch where some message webhooks were missing guest information. OR has released a workaround that will gather guest information from a different source if this case occurs again.

Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:

  • If Booking Lead Time is Not Met, Property Should Show Unavailable. Google Vacation Rentals (GVR) incorrectly generated nightly rates in the search results for OR properties and allowed potential guests to click through to unpopulated OR booking widgets for properties that were not available due to booking lead time rules. OR resolved this issue by displaying OR properties as unavailable if the booking lead time rules are not met.
  • A General Percent Fee Should Apply to Flat Fee When Marked Non-taxable. OR discovered that when users set a taxable management fee as a percentage that applies to all and a flat non-taxable cleaning fee, the management fee was not correctly applied to the cleaning fee. We have fixed this bug, and taxable fees that apply to all will be correctly applied to flat, non-taxable fees.
  • Check-in Date Should Cut Off Max End Date on Validation. Users who configured multi-month recurring seasons and had a discount for specific arrival and departure days with a minimum night requirement found that the discount was not correctly applied in GVR results. OR corrected this glitch, and discounts will appropriately apply to multi-month recurring seasons.
  • Some ARI XML Messages Have Restrictions on Id Lengths Promotions, TaxFee. GVR promotion or discount names are limited to 50 characters in the Availability, Rates, and Inventory (ARI) XML messages. We have resolved this issue by truncating discount or promotion names exceeding 50 characters.
  • Calculate Length of Stays for Taxes. Users who set taxes to apply only under a certain number of nights found that GVR quotes were incorrect due to taxes not being included on quotes that should not have included taxes. OR fixed this glitch to calculate the length of stay taxes for GVR quotes correctly.
  • Discounts are Missing on GVR XML. Discounts configured to be applied only to GVR were not passed correctly to or displayed in GVR. We have corrected this bug to ensure that any GVR-only discounts will be correctly passed to GVR.
  • Simplify and Combine Date Logic. OwnerRez has combined and simplified the date logic for improved optimization purposes.