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Inquiry automation for 5 more listing sites

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Our inquiry management feature, released in August, has had enormous success.  We've processed several thousand emails and greatly reduced the amount of time it takes for owners to respond to inquiries.

Yesterday, we released an update that integrates with five more listing sites.  If you have a listing on any of the below websites, OwnerRez can now parse the incoming inquiry emails for you automatically.

inquiry automation for 5 more listing sites

New listing sites:

Over the next few days, I'll be posting specific information on how to integrate OwnerRez with each of these sites.  Most owners can probably figure it out on their own by using the inquiry instructions page.

I've never heard of these sites!  Who cares about these listings?

One of the themes behind OwnerRez has always been owner independence.  Instead of building our software around a few major brands in the industry (e.g. HomeAway), our integration strategy is to allow for a broad range of different scenarios.

We're aware that these sites don't get the same type of traffic that the bigger ones currently do, but a) most of these sites are free so it'll cost you little-to-nothing to go add your listing, b) some of these sites get better traffic in specific areas where the bigger ones don't, and c) these sites may grow in popularity over time.

What other listing sites do you use that you'd like us to integrate with?

What other inquiry features can we add to make your life easier?  Thing we're already working on:

  • The ability to classify the listing site for an inquiry with a custom domain name
  • Custom email responses with mail merge fields (this is an application-wide feature that is being worked on)
  • The ability to send and receive all email from an owner-specific email address that can handle replies
  • The ability to create custom parsers for owner or small listing sites
  • API integration so that owner sites can pass inquiries directly to OwnerRez

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Brandon P
Jan 21, 2022 10:26 PM
Joined Dec, 2021 5 posts

Would love to get integration with Windsor Hills Private Rentals (https://www.windsorhillsprivaterentals.com/).  There are many Windsor Hills owners on here who use OwnerRez and promote it on owner forums.... that would help a lot!