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Legal Agreements have been overhauled and moved to global

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We just released an update for Legal Agreements!

New Home for Legal Agreements

Instead of updating legal agreements at the property level, you can now update them globally. Go to Settings > Legal Agreements and get started.

Field Code Consistency

The old legal agreements used an obsolete set of field codes. It was confusing to a lot of users why the full range of field codes (the ones you use in email templates) was not available for legal agreements, and why they used a different code pattern, so we switched that over to using the new normal set.

This also means you can use custom field codes, based on your global field definitions, like you do with email templates.

Upload MS Word Documents

Many users have legal agreements that they created in MS Word back in the day. Or perhaps you prefer the MS Word experience for writing/editing? Either way, you can now upload MS Word documents directly and the editor will convert them over with high fidelity.

Upgraded Editor

While doing this upgrade, we took the opportunity to upgrade the legal agreements editor to something new. We think you'll like it. It has more features, is faster and more powerful, but it doesn't get in your way while editing. It also shrinks down to mobile/tablet size cleanly.