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Maintenance release: FlipKey inquiries, searching on email addresses, widget options, and more

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It's been a month or so since we've discussed anything, so I wanted to share some quick news about a rolling set of releases we've pushed out over the past couple days.

FlipKey inquiry parsing is back!

FlipKey decided to put the guest's email address and phone number back inside the inquiry email.  We noticed this in the past day or so, so we immediately jumped on it.

As of right now, your incoming inquiries from FlipKey/TripAdvisor will have the email/phone found and pulled out as in times past.  We don't know how long this will last though, so it may stop working in the near future.  If that happens, our system will once again ask you to supply the guest contact info with the same assistance buttons to open the inquiry on the FlipKey website.

Searching on email addresses and phone numbers

From the search bar, you can now search on full or partial email addresses to pull up the booking and guest information.

Previously, this was not working right - you had to use guest name or address information - but it is now working correctly.

Turn off rate quoting on the Book Now widget

We've added an option to completely disable the automatic rate quote that pops up when visitors to your website enter information into the Book Now/Inquiry widget.

Fixed red flashing background on property photos

When adding and editing property photos (go Property > Photos), some users reported seeing a red flashing background.  This has now been fixed.

Updated Book Now widget to work within multi-layer website frames

If your website uses nested frames, the Book Now widget will not open a new window or tab no matter how many frames your websites users.

Currency formatting

A number of updates have been made both inside the app and on public-facing guest forms to correct some currency bugs and display issues.

Users that use non-USD currency will also now see the correct amount and currency on OwnerRez billing pages.

Importing bookings from Airbnb iCal

If you use the iCal importer, you'll now notice a new option to create bookings.  This only works if the iCal feed is the correct format and has enough information.

Currently, we have only found that Airbnb iCals have enough guest information to make this possible.  If you discover other iCal feeds that include guest information, let us know.