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Major DNS attacks bring down many large internet sites, OwnerRez not affected, but some emails may have failed

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Right on the heels of the big HomeAway downtime, this morning we have a bunch more major outages around the internet.  This time, it's far larger and part of a coordinated DDoS attack.

Major sites like Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud, Airbnb and many others are down.  Some of them are coming back but are limited in what they show.  For instance, Twitter pages work, sort of, but images and video content are down.

OwnerRez is not affected by this.  We use a distributed DNS provider with very solid uptime that actively works to watch for, and eliminate, DDoS attacks.  This is not to say that we are impenetrable - no one is - but this particular attack did not affect our provider.

That being said, please bear with us as our email and payment systems do use other 3rd parties who, themselves, may have been affected.  For instance, this morning our email provider went down as part of this and we had to quickly change our email routing to compensate until they come back online.  Because of this you may have seen some "failed to deliver" emails between 7-8:30 am Eastern Time.  If so, we apologize.  You will need to send those emails again.  We are also looking at putting in secondary "try again" email systems that monitor for this specific type of issue and try a secondary provider.