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New Account Billing History Exports, Add Inquiries With Unavailable Dates, and Vrbo 50-Image Limit Removed!

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Before you start celebrating the American Worker 💪 on Labor Day... 

Unwrap OwnerRez's labor of love as you dig into this product update revealing all the specifics about our August 30th release with 17 updates, including new Account Billing History Exports, the ability to add Inquiries with unavailable dates, and the good news that Vrbo has removed their 50 image limit!

New Features

Account Billing History Exports Added

OwnerRez prides itself on how much data users can export out of OR, but one area that users could not export from was OwnerRez Billing History. Now you can, and this new Account Billing History Export feature should prove valuable at tax time!

OwnerRez users can now export their Billing History, which includes all payments, subscription charges, and the following subtotals:

  • Premium features
  • SMS usage charges
  • Damage Protection policy premium charges
  • ProServices

Export your Account Billing History by navigating to your Account dropdown menu and selecting Billing.

OwnerRez Account Billing

You can export your Account Billing History by selecting the format (Excel, CSV, or TSV) desired from the Export dropdown menu on your Account Billing page.

OwnerRez Account Billing History Export

Enhancements & Tweaks

DNS Instructions on Hosted Website and Branded Portal Updated

DNS settings for your Hosted Website and Branded Portal can be complex, and we want to help you, but we do not have access to users' domain registrar accounts. Users can write to our Helpdesk, but the domain registrar often needs to be involved anyway.

We now guide users in-app to "Contact your domain registrar first, if you run into any snags." (as we already did in our support documentation) to ensure a more efficient issue resolution as they can assist directly in managing the domain's settings.

Contact your domain registrar first, if you run into any snags.

Contacted your Domain Registrar and are still having trouble? Don't hesitate to contact the OwnerRez Helpdesk!

Add Inquiries With Unavailable Dates

Some OwnerRez users handle offline inquiries for dates that aren't available (due to bookings or blocks) but want to record those Inquiries into OR to capture both the inquiry and associated guest contact information.

Even though users could intentionally type in unavailable dates in the Inquiry Date Picker, it didn't allow users to select unavailable (booking or blocked) dates from the dropdown calendar to reduce the possibility of double-booking accidents.

OwnerRez has improved the Inquiry Date Picker to allow users to select unavailable dates from the dropdown calendar.

Inquiry Date Picker

The inquiry record will display Unavailable Date warnings, allowing users to capture the inquiry and associated guest contact information.

Inquiry With Unavailable Dates

Live Availability Now Displayed in Testing Tools

The OwnerRez Direct Rate and Channel Rate Tester tools had date picker calendars, but those date pickers didn't display availability, which was frustrating and could cause confusion if the dates selected weren't available and users received an unexpected error.

We've added live availability to the Direct Rate and Channel Rate Tester tools to the date picker calendars for more accurate results!

Users can use these tools by selecting either the Direct Rate Tester or the Channel Rate Tester from the Tools dropdown menu.

OwnerRez Direct Rate and Channel Rate Tester Tools

Users can now see their live availability displayed in the date picker in the Direct Rate and Channel Rate Tester tools!

Live Availability Now Displayed in Testing ToolsLearn more by watching the Direct Rate Tester support video.

Vrbo 50-Image Limit Removed

A generous number of images on your listings amplifies your property's allure, giving guests a comprehensive and enticing glimpse into their potential vacation experience.

But until now, Vrbo only accepted the first 50 images per property on their side. OwnerRez recently received word from Vrbo that the 50-image limit has been removed!

Add and Change Property Photos

Bug Fixes

Check Airbnb Account OAuth Failure Status on Property Failure. When OR receives an OAuth failure status on an Airbnb API-connected property, we now force a check and validate the affected Airbnb account.

Don't Wrap Amenity Text With <p>When Converting Plain Text to HTML Unless There's More Than One Paragraph. Some amenity text was displayed on multiple lines, rather than one long line as expected when it was converted from plain text to HTML because the paragraph element (<p>) was incorrectly wrapping the amenity text. We have corrected this and amenity text will now only display on multiple lines when there is more than one paragraph converted from plain text to HTML.

Fix Deposits That Reverse Fee Amounts (Positive to Negative) on Refund Fees Which Created a Wrong Total. We noticed that OR deposits with fees and refunds were not displaying correctly. The system incorrectly showed a refunded fee as a debit adjustment instead of a credit, incorrectly displaying deposit amounts. The amounts stored under the covers were accurate. We've resolved this bug and adjusted fees will be correctly displayed.

Fix Error When Trying to View a Review Which Has No Listing Site and No Booking. A user who imported a review without an associated property and booking hit a crash bang and could not view the review. We thought we had fully corrected this issue before, but this additional fix should fully resolve it.

Fix Error With Batch Rule Copy for Pets Policy. Users who attempted to batch copy rules that did not have a pet policy set experienced errors during that process. This bug is fixed and the batch copy rules process will run correctly whether a property has a pet policy set or not.

Fix Issue Where Airbnb Host Fees Weren't Created When Transaction Sync Was Enabled and Transaction Fee Expense Was Disabled. Some PMs noticed that their Airbnb Host Fee was not generated when the Airbnb Transaction Sync was enabled but Transaction Fee Expenses disabled. This issue has been corrected and Airbnb Host Fees will be properly generated when the Airbnb Transaction Sync is enabled and Transaction Fee Expenses disabled. 

Fix <p> Rendering in WP Plugin Short Code Amenity Tooltips. Users of our WordPress plugin may have noticed some amenity text was appearing in the mouseover/touch tooltip with <p> tags. We've fixed this glitch and amenity text will no longer include extra HTML elements in the tooltip text rendered using the WordPress plugin.

Fix "Watch this topic" Becomes Unchecked if a Forum Reply is Edited. When a user is logged into the OR Forum and comments on a post, the "Watch this topic" is by default checked. However, if a user edited and saved the comment, the "Watch this topic" checkbox became unchecked. This issue has been resolved, and editing replies to OR Forum topics will correctly keep the "Watch this topic" checkbox checked after editing and saving (unless the user manually unchecks it).

Fix Hosted Site Blog Paging. Some Hosted Website Blogs did not display correctly or act as expected when a user clicked on "Older Entries." This paging calculation bug occurred when users created multiple Hosted Website Blog entries and set the blog settings posts to display per page to a number lower than the total number of blog entries. We have corrected this bug, and Hosted Website Blogs will again display correctly and act as expected when a user clicks on "Older Entries". 

Mark OAuth Failing Status on Airbnb API Integrations When We Receive an auth_revoke Webhook. When OR receives an auth_revoke webhook from an Airbnb API-connected property, we will add an OAuth failing status on that Airbnb API-connected property. Affected users will be notified by OR system alert emails as any failures will prevent them from completing deposit or transaction syncs.

Mark Vrbo Messages Unread Before Updating Warehouses. When historical Vrbo messages were automatically imported for new or existing listings, we assumed they were already read. But we were making that assumption too late in the process, resulting in inbox "unread" counts increasing even though there appeared to be no new unread messages. This bug has been fixed, so the inbox unread count should be accurate.

Send Address Along When Creating Stripe 3DS2 Payment Method From Vrbo Bookings. A user pointed out that the guest's cardholder address was missing in Stripe. This was due to the payment being authenticated via 3DS2. We've resolved this by ensuring the address is always passed from Vrbo to Stripe when it's a 3DS2 payment method so it can be stored under the "payment method" in Stripe for that booking.