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New Airbnb Message Failure Alert and Updated Property Search Widget!

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The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.
Vidal Sassoon

Sassoon's quote reminds us that there is no substitute for hard work in this world of ambition and dreams. As many vacation rental owners and property managers head into their busy season, this powerful quote serves as a reminder that success is born from relentless dedication, perseverance, and the willingness to put in the hours. But before you get back to work, take some time to read our latest product update detailing our May 17th release with 15 updates that includes a new Airbnb Message failed alert and updated property search widget!

New Features

New Airbnb Message Fails to Send Alert

For those API-connected with Airbnb, ever experience an Airbnb message failure and do not know why? That's frustrating! Now it's clearer! Similar to the system alert message for SMS message failures, we have added a system alert message notifying users of Airbnb message failures.

If an error occurs when sending an Airbnb message, OwnerRez will send a system alert detailing the Airbnb-provided reason for the failure allowing users to correct their original message and resend if necessary. Note: users can disable (or re-enable) the alert under system alert settings at any point.

Airbnb Message System Alert

Under the Guest conversation, we now display the Airbnb message failure reason instead of just "Failed."

Airbnb Message Failure

As well as under the message in Communication History (Tools > Communication History).

Guest Conversation

Learn more about Channel Messaging by reading our Channel Templates support article.

Enhancements & Tweaks

Property Search Widget Updates

Our users understand the power of direct-booking websites, whether it's an OwnerRez Hosted Website, a website that uses OwnerRez-powered widgets, or a Property Sharing website. Well, we have made three improvements to the Property Search Widget to make it more powerful (er, smarter):

  • The Location drop-down list now sorts properties alphabetically by locality.
  • City search results, whether the owner(s) capitalized the city location in OwnerRez, now display those cities combined as one capitalized version in the location drop-down selector (Note: if extra spaces exist, they may still not combine properly).
  • The location selected from the drop-down now filters for the chosen city in the search results if it includes properties in different states or countries but shares the same city name (e.g., Paris, FR, and Paris, TX), instead of returning all cities' properties with that name.

Property Location Drop-Down List Search

Learn more by reading our OwnerRez Hosted Websites and Property Sharing support articles.

Bug Fixes

Add Breakpoint for TinyMCE Toolbar on Mobile. An intrepid OwnerRez user alerted us to a bug in the rich text template editor menu bar layout that occurred on the OwnerRez Progressive Web App (PWA) on a mobile device only. This bug has been fixed, and the rich text editor menu bar will wrap and display correctly.

Clarify Team Member Edit Requires Primary User Login. We clarified the wording of the permissions banner in the Team Access area: "Team users may not create or edit staff members. You must log out and then log in directly as the primary user: [email address]."

Don't Allow Bookings to be Deleted With Voided Expenses. The system allowed users to delete bookings with voided expenses, which could cause future problems. We have fixed this bug to no longer allow users to delete such bookings and show an error explaining why.

Don't Error in Cases Where We Have a Door Code for a Deleted Mapped Property. In this case, a user experienced a door code error for a deleted yet mapped property via RemoteLock. This bug has been fixed to no longer produce door code errors in these instances.

Fix Booking Channel Page Grid Caching Bug. This edge case occurred for a user when they reviewed a booking's channel tab and clicked the link to see the details. It was missing information because it cached the grid item, which didn't have the requested details. This bug has been fixed to correctly display the booking's channel tab details.

Fix Case Where Invalid CSV Parameters Sent to API are Generating 500s Instead of 400s. This edge case occurred when a GuestView Guide integrated OR user experienced non-useful 500 errors, "An error has occurred." when attempting to connect their guide with GuestView. We have fixed this bug to return the more useful 500 error message, "Invalid format for "propertyIds'. Comma separated values of Int32 expected."

Fix Hosted Site Page Grid Disable/Delete/Enable Buttons. In a recent update, we added Edit mode to more grids around the system. We found that the Edit mode buttons (Disable, Delete, Enable) weren't working correctly on the Hosted Websites grid and fixed them.

Fix Regression Where Custom "File" Fields Didn't Allow Uploading New Files. There was a regression where users could not upload files to their owner, property, or account custom fields. This bug has been fixed.

Handle Case of Airbnb Reservation Change When Tax Rate No Longer Applies. This was an edge case where an Airbnb booking reservation criteria had changed, but no tax rate was applied to the booking. This bug has been fixed, and the system will calculate and add the correct tax rate when Airbnb booking changes are made.

Increase Field Definition Description Length. The character length max for Field Definition descriptions was 256, but in some cases, some users required more characters, so we have increased the Field Definition description maximum length to 2048 characters.

Show Friendly Error on Portal When Owner Has No Properties. When an owner was granted portal team access but the OwnerRez user failed to map properties for that owner, the owner received a "no access to owner dashboard" error message with a link to contact OwnerRez. We have updated the error message to display the more useful and friendly "Looks like you haven't been granted access... contact the person responsible for access." message.