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New phone types

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In addition to changing charge types, we've also changed phone types.  The phone types list is scattered throughout the interface, from the control panel to the public guest forms, so you'll see these changes in quite a few places.

phone types

The old list of phone types was much bigger:

  • Assistant
  • Business
  • Business 2
  • Business Fax
  • Callback
  • Car
  • Company
  • Home
  • Home 2
  • Home Fax
  • Isdn
  • Mobile
  • Unknown
  • Other Fax
  • Pager
  • Primary
  • Radio
  • Telex

Our reason for consolidating the list down to the new values was very straightforward: we like simple pragmatic options.

The old list was copied from some CRM system that one of the developers used a year ago, and it's been a source of humor and target for derision ever since.  Who the heck uses an ISDN modem anymore, and - more importantly - why would you care about recording that number?

A simple query of the database showed that, across many thousands of bookings, no one used most of the types.  So we consolidated.

All 'Company' and 'Business' types were merged into 'Work'.  All weird types were removed.  The list is now clean and simple.