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New template for payment receipts and delayed-sending options

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We just released another email-related update, this time focused on payment receipts.

In the past, payment receipts were automatic and hard-coded, meaning you couldn't change how they looked and couldn't stop them from being sent.  This update changed both of those things.

Navigate to any booking that isn't paid in full, and click to collect a new payment.  You'll notice new Email Options showing at the end of the page.

payment email options

The options work exactly as stated.  You can send out the default emails immediately, open them in an editor first for tweaking or not send anything at all.

If you open the templates area, you'll notice a new template showing for payment receipts.

payment template

Create the template and click the "Use Default" button at the bottom to prefill the normal message.  You'll see the standard hard-coded design that guests have always received.

payment template use default in editor

From here, feel free to edit away.  A new list of payment-specific fields has been added to the field list which you can see if you click on any of the field buttons on the editor.

payment template fields list

If you'd like to send a payment receipt after the fact - perhaps you didn't send one at first and then had a change of heart - you can do that too.  Simply view any existing payment and you'll see a new "Email receipt to guest" link in the bottom right.  That opens the editor with either the default message or your custom template and you can send it right out.

payment email receipt to guest link