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New Update (0.7.1) Released - Minor Bug Fixes and Enhancements

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This morning, we released an update that fixed minor bugs and made enhancements to the user interface. None of the updates were critical. Among them were the following:

Spelling Errors

Several pages in the properties area contained misspelled words. For instance, in the email settings tab, the booking confirmation page had a title with the word "Confirmaton" that was corrected to "Confirmation".

Custom Paragraphs Not Showing Up On Email

For some users, the custom paragraphs for the booking confirmation email were not showing up on the actual email sent to the guest. The paragraphs would display properly in the user interface and in the preview mode but not in the actual email that was delivered to the guest.

Failed Payments and Security Deposits Attempted Multiple Times

Scheduled payments and security deposits are only supposed to be collected one time, whether they succeed or fail. Previously, if the collection succeeded, which is what happens most of the time, the collection never tries again. However, if the collection fails, certain internal errors were causing the scheduled payment or security deposit to be attempted again the following day - which, of course, would simply fail again. These errors were found and corrected. Now, if the scheduled payment or security deposit fails to be collected, it will not try again.

Occasional Errors On Date And Charges Tabs

In the bookings area, some users would occasionally see errors if they clicked on the Date or Charges tab for a booking.

All of these errors, and others, have been fully fixed and tested. The version number for this update is 0.7.1.