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Enhanced OwnerRez Setup and Listing Quality Analyzer (LQA) Improvements!

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I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky clearly understood the importance of thinking ahead to connect with the puck 🏒. That doesn't mean that we don't learn from the past but we do have to keep our ears and eyes open to the future.

Thinking ahead about travel trends? New technology to embrace? Absolutely! That's why OwnerRez is cognizant of the future and continually strives to achieve a faster and more flexible vacation rental software to meet our users' needs today. That said, read on about the November 1st release with 14 updates below.

Enhancements & Tweaks

Check Listing Status for TripAdvisor Setup Addition

The OwnerRez Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management overview article.  The most powerful part of our Channel Management is the API Integrations we have with certain channel partners like TripAdvisor. And while we have some pretty great support articles for Vrbo and Airbnb we realized that we'd missed an important step for the TripAdvisor setup process.

In the TripAdvisor Setup & Connecting support article, we've added an additional section, titled Activating and Deactivating which details how to check the real-time status of your listing on TripAdvisor's side. 

Clarify "QuickBooks Mappings Not Configured" Status

We realized that we need to clarify the QuickBooks status "QuickBooks Mappings Not Configured". Now, when OwnerRez users check the Property Settings of their QuickBooks Integration, they can see that the Default Rent Item is missing as shown below.

Need to know more? See our QuickBooks Integration Overview support article.

Listing Quality Analyzer Maximum Guests Information

The OwnerRez Listing Quality Analyzer (LQA) checks your listings for errors and makes recommendations for improvement. The maximum guests vs. number of beds property information is a common stumbling block if the user forgets to set the rule or doesn't add the right bedrooms or other sleeping areas. The Listing Quality Analyzer (LQA) now includes maximum guests vs. number of beds information.

Want to learn more about guest maximums and number of beds? Those are addressed in our Adding New Properties support article.

Tag Editing Style Revisions

Tags are an easy way to organize and remind yourself about important details related to bookings, guests, inquiries, properties or quotes. OwnerRez has made some style revisions to the look and feel of of the tag editing process as listed below.

  • Renamed "Batch" button on grids to "Edit".
  • Changed "Select and batch on" to "Select and edit"
  • Changed "Exit Batch Mode" to "Exit Edit Mode"
  • Always show the checkboxes column. 
  • When a checkbox is checked, switch to edit mode if it's not already.
  • When a checkbox is unchecked and if there are no boxes checked switch out of edit mode.

Want to know more about tags? See our Tags Overview support article.

Enhanced Setup Interview Ending Page

Setting up OwnerRez can be a little overwhelming and our Setup Interview Ending Page wasn't helping! In our attempt to give our users information, we now realize that it was information overload. OwnerRez has streamlined our Setup Interview Ending Page with a button link to our Setup Checklist support article that assists OwnerRez users during the onboarding process. The article even includes a helpful checklist as a Printable PDF for those users that still like to print and check off items on a physical list.

Bug Fixes

Add Property URL to Property Export and Import Templates via Excel. If an OwnerRez user is using our WordPress Plugin and they need to update all their property URLs to the new WordPress ones, there was no way to do this in bulk and tedious to add the property URLs one by one. The Property Export and Import Templates have been updated to include property URLs.

Clarify "QuickBooks Mappings Not Configured" Status. We realized that we need to clarify the QuickBooks status "QuickBooks Mappings Not Configured". Now, when OwnerRez users check the Property Settings of their QuickBooks Integration, they can see that the Default Rent Item is missing as shown below.

Need to know more? See our QuickBooks Integration Overview support article

Clarify File Size Restrictions. OwnerRez messaging about file size restrictions are confusing with 30 MB in some places and 32 MB in other places. We have clarified that the maximum file size is 30 MB and have fixed the error message on files that are too large to display the error message, "Upload failed. File exceeds maximum upload size."

Correct Field Code Prefix for Custom Fields Export. Engineers logged a bug report on the export file format and have now fixed it so that entries will import properly for the Import and Export Custom Fields.

Custom Field File Format Should Display File Name Instead of Just ID in Reports. The custom field file format now displays the file name instead of just the file ID in OwnerRez Reports. Users now have three options for custom field reports:

  • None which displays no custom field file information.
  • One Column which displays all custom field file information in one column as shown below.

  • Column Per Field will display all custom field file information in separate columns as shown below.

Learn more by reading our Custom Fields support article.

Friendly Error Message on File Uploads That are Too Large. Nothing is more frustrating than having a file upload that receives an error with no information as to why the file couldn't upload. OwnerRez has now added friendly error messages indicating what went wrong with your file upload as shown below.

Include Airbnb Default Discount in Specific Date Ruleset. Airbnb does not display discounts as a line item but rather roll it into the nightly rate. But there was an Airbnb issue that was causing a discount that applied to all seasons to not be applied if there were other discounts that applied to specific seasons. OwnerRez instituted a fix that will include the discount in specific date rulesets as well as the all time ruleset that will solve the issue.

Only Push the First 50 Rooms for Airbnb. Did you know that Airbnb has a (undocumented) 50 room maximum limitation? In order to handle that better, OwerRez has added that 50 room maximum to the Listing Quality Analyzer (LQA) tool and that warning will now display as shown below. 

Want to learn more? Check out our Listing Quality Analyzer support video.

Show Lock Error Message on Booking. If there is an error generating a door code, show an exclamation iconwhere the code would normally display with the following error message  upon hover.