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Page numbers and full names on renter agreements

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About a month ago, one of our users brought up a great point.  The user pointed out that when a renter agreement is turned into a PDF, at the time of booking, the PDF has no page numbers.

At first, this seemed like a relatively minor thing.  But as we continued to think about it, the more it bothered us.  Technically, legal documents are supposed to have page numbers so that no additional pages can be inserted into the middle or appended onto the end of the document after the document has been signed.

Not wanting our users to have legal issues with their renter agreements, we made this a priority.  Today's update includes a fix for this.  When renter agreements are turned into PDFs by the system, they now contain page numbers at the bottom of each page.

Page numbers on renter agreement PDFs

We also changed the digital signature block so that the guest's full name is used instead of just their initials.  We believe that the full name is more clear and accurate for everyone involved.

Full name in signature block on renter agreement PDFs