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Possible intermittent (<5 min) downtimes while addressing network issues

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As we continue to work through our analysis and forensics of the December 26 outage, we are identifying single points of failure in our systems that can be altered to improve resiliency. By their nature, some of these things require the system to be offline briefly as we implement the changes.

These outages will be very brief - within the constraints of the automatic retry cycles of our partners, and often within the timeouts of your browser - so you may not even notice them. Do not be alarmed, though, if you find OwnerRez unresponsive for a short time - just have a coffee and try again.

Over time, this work will eventually eliminate the necessity for the entire system to be down even for regular maintenance and upgrades, as well as adding additional levels of failover in the case of a major issue.

We'll have a public webinar discussing our findings and plans in the near future. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work to improve OwnerRez! 🙏