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More Checks for LQA, Real Day Names, Trigger Email Filters, NH is Out, Rate and Reviews Widget Tweaks

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Hump Day is here, so let's talk updates! 🐪

We put out 21 changes this past week all of which were enhancements or bug fixes. No new features. It's good to have a clean-up week!

Enhancements and Tweaks

Our Listing Quality Analyzer (under the Tools menu) is pretty cool.  You can use it to see where your properties have incomplete listing content, rates, rules or where settings conflict or do not follow best practices.  It's invaluable when preparing for Channel API integration.  We just added a bunch more checks to the Listing Quality Analyzer tool.  It now looks for cleaning fee errors, bathroom/shower conflicts, guest fee conflicts, duplicate fees, conflict surcharge criteria and a dozens of other things.  Give that a fresh look and see if any of your properties are showing new issues!

Have you ever tried to target a surcharge to certain days of the week?  You had to use numbers like "day 1" or "day 2" instead of readable day names like Monday, Tueday, etc.  We just updated the criteria area to use readable day names instead of numbers on surcharge criteria.

Trigger and booking filters now show a clearer list of email options so that you can fully target all email scenarios.  If you want to target bookings that only have a platform email, you can now do that by selecting "doesn't have real email address" which would filter for no email or platform email only.

To reduce confusion, we are no longer showing bookings, quotes or inquiries (on their respective lists) where the properties are disabled.  This was confusing before because we were showing bookings, quotes and inquiries after the property was disabled.  If you want to still see those items, go enable the property first and then come back.

Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) travel insurance now excludes the state of New Hampshire so we updated our code, pages and carrier information to reflect this change.  Sorry, New Hampshire - you're out!

Have you ever noticed that the bottom of some OwnerRez pages kind of ran into the bottom of the browser?  So do we.  It was annoying so we added some padding to the app footer.  This should make it visually easier to work on those pages.

We increase the maximum number of characters you can input when using our global Contact Us page.  It was some paltry amount before like 500 characters.  Now, those of you with grievances to air can really cut loose! 😀

There are times when you might have multiple Identifier Mappings numbers for the same property and channel in OwnerRez.  We now support multiple numbers.  You can add multiple, and we will support the other numbers.

Added redirect back to hosted site after logout

One of the things we try to correct (when we see it) is where page entry is inconsistent from one area to another.  We have a large design overhaul planned, but we expect the current app to be consistent regardless.  Part of that is date entry.  We changed the season add/edit page to auto-fill the End Date field after picking a Start Date.  If you see this in other similar add/edit pages, please let us know.

Another week, another set of updates on the rate table widget:

  • Rate widget now only shows longer rates when there's a discount.
  • Rate widget now only shows ranges if min/max are more than a couple percent different.
  • Decimals are now rounded away. Nobody needs to see those.

Bug Fixes

Damage Protection isn't shown to guests.  When turning Damage Protection on and off, there was a misleading sentence about showing it to guests when security deposits were configured.  Damage Protection is never supposed to be shown to guests, regardless of your security deposit preferences so we removed that wording.

Internal property order.  We continue to find places where a list or group of properties isn't showing in the right display order based on your setting, and we're fixing them as we find them.

Deleting owner statements not updating PM Lock.  Just like it sounds.  If you delete an owner statement, the booking should remove PM Lock, but it wasn't doing that in all circumstances.  This is now fixed.

Broken links in forum posts.  When dropping links to OwnerRez pages in forum posts, some of them would come out mangled or as half-links.  We fixed this.  To be clear, our forum won't show a clickable link unless it's a URL referencing an OwnerRez page.  We plan to change in the future when we expand and overhaul our forum.

Reviews widget showing reviews from disabled properties.  This has now been fixed.  If a property is disabled, any associated reviews will also not show.

Import reviews bad math.  We corrected the total that shows when importing reviews.

Locked or closed account checks.  We fixed an issue where some trigger emails were sending even after an account was closed.

Duplicate property using old date.  When you clone or duplicate a property, you want all the property content to copy across but not the "added" date stamp.  That should be new since it's a new property.  This is now fixed.

Current blog post in RSS.  Wondering why you weren't getting emails for new blog posts or didn't see them show up by RSS?  We fixed an issue where the latest post wasn't showing up correctly in syndication feeds.

Channel Bridge fixes.  Are Channel Bridge changes really "bug fixes" if we're just adjusting to correct what the channel does?  Not our fault, right?  At any rate, this week we did this Channel Bridge:

  • Fixed the case where Vrbo payments are missing reservation ID and the guest name doesn't match the payer name.
  • Fixed the case where the Vrbo RDD is included in a payment with no fees.
  • Fixed the case where Airbnb shows a cancellation but still has a payment of less than 1.

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Tarkan C
Jul 15, 2020 4:22 PM
Joined May, 2020 65 posts

Thanks a lot for the improvements and fixes.

Could you please explain the following for me? May be you can give some example scenarios where the following is useful?

"There are times when you might have multiple Identifier Mappings numbers for the same property and channel in OwnerRez. We now support multiple numbers. You can add multiple, and we will support the other numbers."

Thanks again.