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Public guest forms for payments and security deposits

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Have a guest who needs to enter a different card number for their second payment?  Have a guest who paid by check but needs to put their security deposit on a credit card?  You can now do all of that with public guest forms.

Open one of your bookings in OwnerRez and click on the Payments tab.  You'll see an overhauled designed with a new Guest Form section at the bottom.

payments guest form url

The Guest Form is a URL that you'll send to the guest.  These payment URLs are unique to each booking and should only be sent to the guest that needs to pay for that booking.

When the guest opens the URL in their browser, they'll see a custom payment form that they can use to submit a payment by credit card.

payments guest form

If the booking was already paid in full, the guest will see a nice message telling them that.  The system will not allow the guest to submit payments for more than the total booking amount.

payments guest form paid in full

If the guest needs to pay more than the current total, adjust the total by adding charges to the booking.

This functionality is also available for security deposits.  Open a booking and click on the Security Deposit tab, and you'll see a similar URL to share there.  The URLs for payments and security deposits are different.