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'Received' email, more filter settings and better email clarity

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If you open your email in OwnerRez, you'll notice two things: the filters and columns have changed, and a lot more email messages are showing.

After releasing the new email sending/archiving framework, it became immediately obvious that the email grid was too chaotic.

We removed the email address columns and switched to only showing names.  Support-related names all show "OwnerRez" and anything from or to you (as the user) shows "me".  This increases clarity and saves horizontal space on the grid since every message involves support or the user.

email grid removed email address and changed names

We also split up the 'Status' column into 'Delivery' and 'Feedback'.  Combining delivery information (queued, sent, failed to send) with recipient activity (opened, clicked, bounced) makes the grid less filterable and more confusing.

email split status into delivery and feedback

The filter bar was updated to allow filtering for direction, delivery status and feedback.

email filter bar now shows direction, delivery status and feedback

The Extra Email

We are now showing 'received' email in addition to 'sent' email.  The received messages are messages that were sent to you from OwnerRez Support as alerts or other notifications.  In the future, 'received' email will include messages sent to you from guests, but that will rely on some changes that we have not yet begun work on.

If you send yourself copies of guest emails, such as the quote or inquiry responses, those will appear as both sent and received since you are both the sender and recipient.