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Search Messaging Template Bodies, Image Source Additions for Hosted Site Blog Sharing, New Zealand Holidays

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I just make it my business to get along with people so I can have fun. It’s that simple.

Betty White

Friday is the perfect day to connect and create enjoyable experiences for guests because who doesn't love a good time before the weekend? It's the essence of hospitality, with a fun side dish of today's product update with all the ingredients of our November 8th release with 22 updates, including Template Filter Body Searches and Official New Zealand Holidays Added!

Enhancements & Tweaks

Template Filter Body Search Added

Searching for templates containing specific language located within the body of your email, channel, or SMS templates was not available. 

OwnerRez has added a "body" field to the Template filter, allowing users to search within the body of all email, channel, or SMS templates.

Navigate to Settings > Messaging > Templates > Filter > add your search terms in the Body field > Search.

Template Filter > Body Search

This makes finding the template(s) you need to update much easier!

Official New Zealand Holidays Added

OwnerRez has added New Zealand to the Official Holidays subscription list options as requested. Users can subscribe to New Zealand Holidays by navigating to Rates > Rules > Holidays > Lists.

New Zealand Official Holidays Subscription Added

Learn how to maximize your holiday rates by reading the Holidays support article.

More Image Source Options for Hosted Site Blog Sharing

OwnerRez users are increasingly using their Hosted Website Blogs to increase traffic, build their brand, and share news with their vacation rental business followers.

Hosted Website blog pages have added a couple more options to configure either a teaser or masthead images for social media sharing and we tweaked the fallback logic for each available option, in case the chosen image is unavailable.

Hosted Website Blog Image Sharing Settings

Check out our Adding a Blog support article.

Coming Soon - Florida Rental by Owners (FLARBO) as an Official Channel

Be on the lookout for our upcoming integration with Florida Rental by Owners (FLARBO) as an Official Channel.

OwnerRez Florida Rental by Owners Listing Channel

Bug Fixes

Clarify Inquiry Parsing Note on Identifier Mapping Area. OR has updated the instructions for handling unrecognized inquiry emails by adding instructions on the in-app instructions on Identifier Mapping section to advise on how to handle unrecognized inquiry emails.

Currency When Stripe Charged in One Currency and Paid in a Different Currency. When Stripe charged in one currency and payment was made in another, the Stripe fees were not correctly converted to the destination currency. This glitch has been fixed, and Stripe fees will now be correctly converted to the destination currency.

Don't Blow Up When Recording Stripe Refundable Security Deposit Fees on Quote Accept for Last Minute Bookings. Errors occurred when recording Stripe refundable security deposit fees for a last-minute booking quote acceptance. OR resolved this bug, allowing Stripe refundable security deposit fees for a last-minute booking quote acceptance to be recorded correctly.

Don't Create a New Code on RemoteLock Error if Generating Code by Phone. This edge case occurred when a user encountered an error after they configured their RemoteLock integration to generate door lock codes based on guests' phone numbers, then created a booking that generated a phone-based door lock code, subsequently disabled the guest directly on RemoteLock, and then ran a batch update with the "resynchronize all bookings" option selected. In an attempt to bypass the error, the OR logic generated new door lock codes that were not based on the guests' phone numbers. We corrected this glitch, and door lock batch updates with the "resynchronize all bookings" option selected will generate new door lock codes based on the OR door lock configuration.

Don't Dedupe Airbnb Payments That are in the Process of Being Deposited. If an Airbnb payout included two payments for the same booking, the initial processing for that deposit would only create one payment. We have updated the system to catch this case and correctly match all included payments for a booking.

Don't Delete Blocks on Bookings Only Mode iCal Import. Some calendar blocks were inadvertently deleted during the iCal Booking Import process when in bookings only mode. OR corrected this issue so that all future calendar blocks will be accurately imported during the iCal Booking Import process while in bookings only mode.

Don't Look at Check-in End When Determining Whether Airbnb Check-in is Standard. After adding the Check-In End time rule in last week's release, we found that some reservations (< 48 hours until arrival) can specify a check-in time range even when the property/listing doesn't have a check-in end time. The result was these bookings were highlighted in the calendar ribbon as having non-standard check-in times (with the red line/pipe). We fixed this to only consider the check-in start time and compare that against the property check-in start for ribbon display purposes.

Don't Look Back to Old Channels When Looking for Message Thread. Guest conversations pulled old channel booking information instead of the current listing channel booking, as expected. We fixed this glitch to no longer look for old channel booking information and instead locate and correctly display the current listing channel booking.

Fix Clicking the "Confirm" Link in a Pending Booking System Alert Shows an Error if Booking is Canceled. After a user canceled a pending booking, the Pending Booking System Alert email contained links to "Confirm and take payment now" or "Extend due date," resulting in errors when clicked because the booking was already canceled. This correction happens when the Pending Booking System Alert email links for "Confirm and take payment now" or "Extend due date" when used will now display an error explaining that the user cannot complete that process.

Fix Report Percentage Change Incorrect. In some report exports, the last "Change" column incorrectly calculated the percentage change between two periods for each property (group). The in-app report displays were correct; this bug only affected report exports. The report export calculations have been fixed.

Fix System Booking Alert Shows Time Crossed Out, Replaced With Same Time. After last week's product update, booking alert emails had default check-in/out times crossed out with the exact same time displayed to the right. This check was unnecessary if check-in/out times weren't changed. There was an extra space in the code causing this. It is now fixed.

Handle No Token Case on Listing Site Identifier Mappings. An error occurred while attempting to view a property identifier mapping with no value. OR fixed this bug, allowing users to view property identifier mapping properly.

Improvements to Inquiry Widget Resizing. A user noticed that on their direct booking websites when attempting to resize the Inquiry Widget Comments/Questions box on Mobile, the Send Inquiry button would disappear from the widget. This glitch has been fixed to still allow resizing but where the Send button stays where it should.

Remove Discount Multiplier. OR has decided to remove the ability for users to configure discounts with a multiplier. As neither Airbnb nor Vrbo support discount multipliers and this caused confusion for some of our users, we have decided to remove the option to configure discounts with a multiplier altogether.

Show Mutual Blocking Disabled Flag for Bookings. Mutual blocking disabled flags on bookings were not displayed if mutual blocking was disabled on a booking. This issue has been resolved, so that if you change a booking and set "Don't block other properties" that will be displayed properly on the Overview tab of the booking under Status.

Too Much Padding Between ProJob Global Alert and the Body When No Other Alerts are Present. When in-app global alert ProServices progress banners were displayed, the padding (i.e., margin) around them was too large. OR corrected this bug to remove the extra padding or margins around the in-app global alert ProServices progress banners.

Google Vacation Rentals: Private Beta

  • Use LengthOfStay Min/max to Use SetForward Stay Based Options Instead of Only Arrival SetMin/Max. There was an issue with the Google Availability Feed where the Maximum/Minimum night stay season property rules were not being properly enforced, which would have allowed guests to book for fewer nights than the minimum stay required. This glitch has been fixed, and Maximum/Minimum night stay season property rules are now correctly passed to Google's Availability Feed.
  • Rate Amount Message Needs to Use Sleeps Override Amount If Set. Google Vacation Rentals (GVR) assumes two guests when calculating booking charges. Still, GVR API-connected properties with extra guest surcharges were not correctly added to the booking quote until the potential guest clicked on the Hosted Website booking widget. OR resolved this bug to pass additional guest surcharges added to the RateAmountMessage to correctly display during GVR booking quotes.

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Nov 15, 2023 12:34 PM
Joined Jan, 2020 170 posts

Thank you for all these updates, team. I'm particularly pumped about being able to search templates by words in the body of the message! 

Anne S
Nov 15, 2023 12:41 PM
OR Team Member Joined Sep, 2022 126 posts

Thank you for all these updates, team. I'm particularly pumped about being able to search templates by words in the body of the message! 

by Alece – Nov 15, 2023 5:34 PM (UTC)

Our pleasure, Alece! The ability to search the template body section is definitely a great update.