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Six Bugs Fixed on September 6th

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Calling all Trekkies! We take bugs seriously...

Six bugs were ready to be fixed, so we "beamed them up!" Inspect this Transporter bug report (aka product update) detailing our September 6th release with six bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

Don't Include "based on $x amount" Text When Regenerating Charges If Channel Adjusted. Users with channel-connected bookings see charge descriptions that include the description text "based on $x amount," but when changes were made to the booking, that description didn't update appropriately, leading to confusion. We have fixed this issue by removing the "based on $x amount" from charge line items and now have it just say "Rent" or "Cleaning Fee" by itself when the channel adjusts a booking.

Fix Issue Where Hosted Website Hero Caption Wasn't Using White Color Default. We recently fixed the Hero Unit caption sizing but had done some other Hosted Website header work, which caused the font color of the Hero Unit caption to be one of the other colors from your site's settings instead of the default white color. This has been corrected where Hosted Website Hero Captions default to the system's white-colored font as it did previously.

Fix Issue With Forum Post Message Unable to Handle Inline Image in Certain Cases. Some inline images displayed in forum system email alerts (when subscribed to a topic) were not displaying correctly due to converting the HTML body to plain text. This glitch has been resolved and inline images displayed in the forum system email alerts will convert and display correctly.

Handle Split Payout Configurations on Airbnb Transaction Import. Split payout configurations for Airbnb transaction-synced enabled properties created too many payments because the transaction sync did not reflect upcoming transactions, only completed transactions. We have fixed this bug, and split payouts for Airbnb Transaction Sync-enabled accounts will be correct moving forward.

Remove Facebook Option From Identifier Mapping. Facebook no longer supports custom static tabs to host book/inquiry widgets. The Facebook option in the in-app Channel Identifier Mapping area and an outdated support article, "Adding OwnerRez Widgets to Facebook Guide," have been removed.

Warn If a Channel That Requires Credit Card is Added Without a Card Processor Configured. Many of our first-class channels require configuring a credit card payment processor in OwnerRez before integration. However, if users configured a manual payment method, they didn't always receive a timely warning. We have resolved this issue, and users without a credit card payment processor configured after integrating with a listing channel that requires it will receive an in-app warning notification indicating the need to configure one.