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Smarter pro-rate settings and better rate selection across split-season bookings

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You can now specify exactly how each of your rates pro-rates in relation to the total number of nights in a booking.  Before, pro-ration would simply be in every direction and it would only be used if the number of nights fit neatly inside the current season.  You can now be more choosy about how pro-ration works.

And pro-ration now considers all of the nights in the booking even if a season line is crossed.

Suppose a guest wants 7 nights but it crosses the Spring/Summer season line.  Previously, our rate engine would select 3 nights on one side and 4 nights on the other, neither side getting rated for a week even though it was in fact a week.  Now, it will use pro-ration to smartly match rates against the entire booking at large intead of within each season split.

You can also specify a specific amount to use for the extra nights in a period when pro-rate is currently in use.

Suppose that you want every night after a week to be a flat $225.  Instead of worrying if your other nightly rates will kick in at the right amount, or using a discount for 8+ nights, you can simply set 225 as your extra pro-rate amount.

When the season hits that pro-rate behavior, it will use that special extra night amount for every night thereafter.

Whenever we update our rate engine, we do a large amount of testing so as to make sure that we didn't upset the apple cart.  Our rate engine is at the heart of our system and impacts almost every operation.  Please let us know if this change negatively impacted your rates or produced results that you don't understand.  Hit the widgets on your website and make sure you're getting what you want to see.