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"Stickier" Filters on Bookings List View, Inquiries, and Quotes grids, Channel API Integrations Grid Enhancements & Much More!

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Arrg, it's talk like a pirate day

Ahoy mateys! Peruse this update o' products, released on September 13th, boasting 21 grand updates, including "stickier" filters (e.g., Bookings List View), Channel API Integrations grid enhancements, Airbnb API additions, and much more!

Enhancements & Tweaks

"Stickier" Filters on Grids (e.g., Bookings List, Inquiries and Quotes)

With all the recent Ribbon Calendar love, we decided it was time to show some of that love for many grid filters in-app, think Bookings List, Inquiries, and Quotes!

When users add any filter in any of the Bookings List View, Inquiries or Quotes sections and then move elsewhere in the app, those "stickier" filters are still applied when they return to those sections. Watch it in action!

Enhanced Bookings List, Inquiries and Quotes Grid Filters

This new stickier filter has been added to many other grid filter areas, but these mentioned are likely the most frequently used. 

Using the "stickier" filter would be a great way to view all bookings that still need signed renter agreements. And the best part is that each logged-in user can apply these unique"stickier" filters to their account until they log out, change their filters or close their browser window, which resets the filters. This "stickier" filter feature includes team members' portal accounts, allowing larger organizations to assign specific team members to monitor various booking processes. 

We also removed the Default Confirmed and Pending filters from the Bookings List view, meaning that canceled bookings were filtered out. Here's how the Booking List view appeared before. 

Old Bookings List Default Filters

Now, the only default filter added to the Bookings List view is the "Departs after today's date" and the Show All link.  All canceled and pending bookings are now displayed by default. Of course, users can always change or clear their "stickier" filters by clicking on the Show All link.

Default Bookings List View

OwnerRez plans to add "stickier" filters to other in-app grid filters in the future.

Channel API Integrations Grid Enhancements

Managing multiple API integrations for one property is one thing, but managing multiple APIs of the same type (i.e. 2 or more Airbnb channels) for multiple properties can be challenging. OwnerRez has enhanced the API Integrations Grid!

Account #’s were already included but the Channels grid now includes the Account Name for each API-connected channel with a link displaying the number of properties, and each property is listed when the link is clicked.

API Connected Channels Grid

Users can now filter by property on the Channels grid by clicking the new Filter button and a filter pop-up appears.

Property Filter

Linking and unlinking individual properties by Changing Property Mappings in each API Integration now forces the grid cache to clear, allowing users to see their changes immediately. 

Changing Property Mappings

Google Vacation Rentals (limited beta) Update

It's been a minute since we last updated everyone on our hotly anticipated Google Vacation Rentals integration, and you deserve an update on where we are at with it.

As expected, during the OwnerRez onboarding process of the "limited beta" phase, we were able to identify some quirks and bugs.

Google Vacation Rentals Integration Coming Soon!

We've been able to fix these bugs and adjust the API configuration so that you can be assured that we get this integration right. We sincerely appreciate your patience!

Google Vacation Rentals private beta is not available to all OwnerRez users at this time, and regrettably, the waitlist for our Limited Beta is already filled.

New Ability to Delete Guests With No Bookings

Some users prefer to keep their guest contact list organized and want the option to remove contacts. While not recommended, OwnerRez has added the ability to do that as long as the guest has no bookings.

Previously, users could not delete guests if they had inquiries or quotes associated with them, but that has changed. OR users now have the ability to delete guests (as long as they have no bookings), and the deletion will also delete any inquiries or quotes associated with that guest.

Users can delete a guest in a couple of different ways.

In the guest Conversation View, users can delete the guest by navigating to Actions > Delete Guest.

Individual Guest Conversation View > Actions > Delete Guest

On the CRM > Contacts grid, users can select one or more guests to delete and click on the Delete button. Note the OR pop-up that warns that deleting the guest includes the deletion of all associated inquiries and quotes. Delete Guests from CRM > Contacts Grid

Deleting a guest will include the deletion of all associated inquiries and quotes.

OwnerRez acknowledges that deleting guests will be infrequent but still want to provide our users with the ability to do so. OR recommends that users use the Separating or Merging Guest Records process if possible instead of outright deleting guests.

Airbnb API Connection Booking Improvements

Airbnb has added a few new (and one old!) options in their booking API settings and our Airbnb API connection has been updated to ensure optimal functionality for our users.

Here are some key changes we've implemented that users can configure in OwnerRez that will now be synced with Airbnb.

  • Started passing event suitability again. In 2020, Airbnb instituted a party and event ban worldwide, and capped the occupancy for all listings to 16. Now, with the rollout of Airbnb's proprietary reservation screening technology, they aim to reduce the risk of disruptive parties on Airbnb by identifying and preventing risky bookings.
  • Started adding support to add and edit new safety considerations (pool with no fence, nearby body of water, climbing structure, height with no fence).
  • Started passing pet capacity based on your property pet maximum rules (if allowed) rather than just allowed.
  • With the advent of Airbnb moving into the mid and long-term bookings space, we've added support to configure your long-term cancellation policy settings directly in OR.

OwnerRez Airbnb API Connection

Read our Airbnb Overview support article to learn more.

Automatic Review Display Options

We understand the effort you put into your reviews. By storing them in OwnerRez, you retain ownership and can use them elsewhere.

OR has kept the default review display option configured to "Don't Auto Show Reviews" but now we allow users to choose whether their new reviews will be automatically displayed publicly.

Select your Auto Show Reviews configuration by navigating to CRM > Reviews > Guest Reviews > from the Don't Auto Show Reviews dropdown list, and select Configure Settings.

Configure Auto Show Reviews Settings

You can select which reviews you want to automatically display or show publicly by selecting from the following.

  • Only 5-star reviews
  • Reviews that are 4 stars or more
  • Show all reviews regardless of rating
  • Don't automatically show reviews

Configure Auto Show Reviews

Users can manually show or hide any review at any time regardless of the settings on this page. And be assured that these settings do not affect historical active reviews. 

Learn more by reading our Reviews Overview support article. 

New Property Search Endpoints Added to the OwnerRez v2 API

Many partners and prospective partners work to provide solid API integrations for OwnerRez users through our API. We've added new Property Search endpoints to the OwnerRez v2 API.

Property Search Added to the OwnerRez v2 API

Learn more by reading our API for Apps Overview support article.

Bug Fixes

Add Link From Owner on Booking PM Tab to Owner in PM Area. We added a link to the owner of record in the specific Booking > PM tab which takes the user to that Owner in the PM area.

Clarify Airbnb Override Tax Mode Text. OR updated the in-app Airbnb override tax mode text to be more explicit, "By default, Airbnb automatically collects certain taxes and remits them. Hosts can set custom taxes which replace Airbnb's default taxes. If you set your own taxes, this will opt-out of Airbnb’s automatic tax collection and remittance and you will assume the responsibility of remitting all taxes."

Clear Seasonal Min Nights Rules in Airbnb PUT. One user had an issue where a 5 night seasonal minimum was being fed to OR from Airbnb, but the user had not configured that seasonal minimum restriction in OR. We suspect that the 5 night seasonal minimum was configured in an integrated dynamic pricing tool. Still, to address this glitch in the future, instead of sending seasonal_min_nights: NULL to Airbnb, we will instead send seasonal_min_nights: []

Don't Show Lock Name if There's Only One Lock. Previously, we did not display the lock name when there was only one lock, so we removed it once again to keep users from thinking the name was part of the actual door code. When more than one lock is configured we will show each lock name next to the code.

Fix Issue Where Ctrl-Click on Enable App MFA Does Not Show QR Code. When users navigated to their Account dropdown menu > Safeguards > Two-factor methods and selected the Enable button next to Authenticator app, using Ctrl+click to open in a new tab, the new tab opened but the QR code was not loaded on the page. We fixed it so the QR code loads if Ctrl+click (or right-click "Open link in new tab") is used when clicking on Enable.

Fix Issue Where Negative Money Amount From Airbnb Not Correctly Parsed When AED Currency. OR's logic did not correctly parse the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) values/currencies sent from Airbnb. We've corrected this bug, and AED values/currencies will be parsed accurately.

Improve Airbnb Channel Tester Output. We now show when errors are reported from Airbnb, instead of not saying that and directing users to check their rule settings in OwnerRez when that may or may not be the issue. It looks like this: "If a guest actually tried to book this, Airbnb reports they would have the following problems:"

"Insert a field" Table Could be More Responsive. We noticed that the "Insert a field" table on mobile devices experienced text "bleeding" to adjacent table cells. We corrected this by optimizing it to be responsive to the mobile device's size.

Remove Extra Whitespace Line From Above Rate Calendar on Mobile. We tidied up the Rate Calendar display for mobile devices by removing some extra whitespace. This was accomplished by removing the word "Legend" and having the (?) icon display to the right of the "click and drag dates to select" line.

Send Alert to User if Vrbo Message Upload Fails. PDF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF files are sent in-line (embedded) with Vrbo Messaging, all other file types are sent as downloadable links. We've updated the in-app booking channel template attachment help text explaining this. Also, previously when a user tried to send another type of file attachment, it would fail but there was no alert. We've changed it so the message body will still send, but a message failed to send alert will also be sent if there are file attachment failures explaining the remainder of the message was sent successfully but the file attachment failed.

Shorten "Support Center" in Search Sidebar and on Small Viewport. After a recent renaming change, the desktop search bar in the Support Center left sidebar was crowded when the "Support Center" type was selected. The same crowding was on the mobile search bar as well. We fixed this by shortening "Support Center" to "Support" in those two places.

TikTok Should Show Properly on Hosted Website Footer When Configured. Hosted Websites with TikTok configured to be displayed in the website footer were displayed, but the alignment was incorrect. This bug has been resolved by displaying the field code {MYSOCS} which displays any configured social networks and website URL under Theming (instead of each social network being set up individually) and TikTok links (if configured) will now appear correctly in new Hosted Website footers on a go forward basis.

Update Worldline Merchant Application Link. The Worldline merchant application link was updated on the Worldline Payment Method turn-on page in-app.

Update Yapstone Payment Processor Logo. Yapstone has a new logo so we updated it in-app.

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Ocean Zen
Sep 29, 2023 5:19 PM
Joined Jun, 2022 70 posts

Is the stickier filters the first step to "Saved Filters" which is what is really needed? Is that on the roadmap soon?

Anne S
Oct 2, 2023 10:51 AM
OR Team Member Joined Sep, 2022 133 posts

Is the stickier filters the first step to "Saved Filters" which is what is really needed? Is that on the roadmap soon?

Great question! While not on our official roadmap, OwnerRez is exploring this possibility.