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We've switched email service providers

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As you know, OwnerRez is heavily reliant on email.

From the first time you respond to a guest's inquiry to the last time (probably releasing their security deposit), the system sends an average of 8 emails to the guest and 6 to the owner.  That's per booking.

Needless to say, we send thousands of emails per day, each extremely important.

We've noticed that as our volume has increased, we've gotten complaints from owners that some of the emails aren't hitting the inbox.  Guests are finding them in the spam folders.

We've always used an enterprise email service provider (ESP) who specializes in sending large amounts of transactional email.  We've always made sure to send from verified OwnerRez email addresses.  We've done various technical magic to avoid being called spam (SPF, DKIM, etc. for those of you who know or care).

But the spam hits have continued.  We've also noticed that some emails are getting ISP blocks because our ESP's network has too many spammers on it.

This morning, we switched to a different ESP.  Before doing so, we talked with the new ESP about our situation and looked at their methods.  They appear to focus on using clean IP addresses and keeping spammers out much more diligently than our previous provider.

At the moment, all email sending is working smoothly.  We'll be monitoring both the speed and deliverability (how many hit the inbox vs. spam folder) as best we can over the next few weeks.  Only time will tell.