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Webinar 6/6: Breezeway/OwnerRez - Achieve a Cleaning Operation Built for Scale

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Join us on June 6th with the team at Breezeway to transform your housekeeping and cleaning operations.

With so many tools on the market for cleaning operations, it’s hard to determine what software is best for your STR business. If you’re looking to scale, you probably want to implement processes that can adapt to your changing needs. Koryn Okey, VP of Client Success, joins OwnerRez to discuss the usability, support, and robust features that Breezeway has to offer. We’ll uncover why you need to automate the turnover process, the elements that differentiate Breezeway from other tools, and how to create a trustworthy system in all stages of your business. 

The session is free to join, but you must use the Breezeway webinar link to register.

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