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Welcome to the new OwnerRez blog

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The OwnerRez Blog is live!

We've just released the new website. With it comes a new blog and forums area so our customers can get more visibility into the features we're working on. Please click around and let us know what you think.

Those of you that have had questions, comments and feedback on the application - it's time to let loose. Register for a forum account, and let us have it. We value every bit of feedback you have. We've already gotten loads of feedback by email so we'll enter that into the forums so others can review it.

The support/docs area is still not finished. We're integrating that directly into the application so it needs a little more work. We want to make sure that that's solid before pushing out a first release.

Use the RSS buttons over on the right (or on the bottom of every page) to stay up on our feeds. And make sure to sign up for newsletters. Those will be going out twice per month.

More soon to come. Thanks again to all our early testers!