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What is the right word to call you?

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It seems like every channel and PMS has a unique name for their customers that own or manage vacation rentals: clients, hosts, owners, PMs, etc.

It's not really correct to say "owner" because that excludes the PM crowd. Saying PM excludes the mom and pop crowd.

Airbnb says "host" but that denotes more of a house-sharing scenario and not a business.  On the business side, is "client" or "merchant" appropriate?  Isn't a guest a type of client though?

"User" is equally ambiguous because guests use these platforms as well.  Besides, the term "user" conjures up images of someone with a drug habit.

We were recently debating this internally and figured we'd ask you.  What do you think? Please let us know below what you would like to be referred to as.

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