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WordPress design service: P.A.Media Marketing

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We have partnered with P.A.Media Marketing to offer another certified WordPress design service for those looking for a custom website.

We understand that everyone's needs and wants differ, so we offer our WordPress plugin alongside our Widgets and Hosted Website options. For those looking to create a very detailed and custom website, this can be very time-consuming and takes web design skills. This is where P.A.Media Marketing can help! Their team will utilize our WordPress plugin to create a beautiful custom-built website for you.

Here is some information about their team that they would like you to know:

At P.A.Media Marketing, we know that you want to be in control of your rental business. In order to do that you need your own direct booking website that makes you more money. The problem is you don’t have a way to book people privately, which makes you feel frustrated in relying on 3rd party platforms and paying crazy host fees. We believe you deserve to own every aspect of your property and make money on your own terms.

We understand how infuriating it is to be handcuffed to other OTA’s - only to have your listings fall off a cliff, which is why we have helped countless others like you build their own direct booking website and finally take control of their process and profits.  

Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Book a call to be sure we are a good fit
  2. We build your site
  3. Keep more money in your pocket where it belongs!
Book a call now to get started.
Example of a website they created using the WordPress plugin:

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Kimberly H
Jul 20, 2023 8:55 AM
Joined May, 2023 1 post

I am trying to book a time and your link is not working. 

Paul H
Jul 20, 2023 1:25 PM
OR Team Member Joined Oct, 2019 298 posts

Once you get to the P.A.Media Marketing, click Book a Call. I just tested it, and the link is working.

Here is a link to the website