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Customer Relationship Management is key to running a successful business. OwnerRez helps automate and store all guest records for your own marketing purposes to build, and maintain, a relationship with your customers over time.

Get the guest "REAL" email address

Nowadays, listing channels prefer to keep control of the guests and their information so as to be able to charge ongoing fees to both sides. Instead of providing a real email address, they create temporary "proxy" addresses that they filter and control. Proxy email addresses don't actually represent the guest or CRM record, they represent a booking. For this reason, we have created an automated way to send the guest a point of contact link to retrieve the "real" email address.

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You work extremely hard to get reviews. If you're like most users, you ask your guests to post reviews after every booking but only a small fraction do. It can take a decade to build a good list of reviews, and the more you have them the stronger your reputation (and easier your marketing) gets. It is extremely important that you collect and store reviews in a third party software system (like OwnerRez!) so that you can retain ownership of them forever and use those reviews in other places. OwnerRez has the ability to collect (both manual entry and bulk import), store and host the reviews that your guests leave, no matter where the review was originally posted.