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Why did I get webhook failure mail repeatedly?

Kimberly L
May 26, 2022 4:38 AM
Joined May, 2021 5 posts

I have a woocommerce site where I have integrated ownerrez successfully. Though I have repeatedly received the message regarding webhook failure. Can you please help me that why I got these mails? Is there anything wrong with the integration?

Joel P
May 26, 2022 12:15 PM
OR Team Member Joined Oct, 2009 126 posts

If you are receiving failure notifications, it means that we have tried to reach out to your webhook endpoint (configured on your OAuth App) but are unable to send the requested webhook data to you. You should review if your server is setup correctly. 

You can see the specific details of the failing requests, as well as retry them if you like, by viewing the Webhooks tab on the OAuth App page. 

If you do not need the webhooks, you can disable them per type on the OAuth App configuration. However, we strongly advise against implementing polling as our rate limiting will kick in and block your requests if you exceed our limits. 

Additionally, we do require that App developers who wish to distribute their app to other users must implement at least the application_authorization_revoked webhook.