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Additional beds: more than one not possible at check-out?

Maarten H
Sep 25, 2022 10:33 AM
Joined Jul, 2022 18 posts


I have created an additional charge for extra beds and/or baby travel cots. At check-out the guest cannot select how many beds/cots they want.

Would it be possible to include a drop-down with the number of additional beds included in my set uo and and adjust the price accordingly?

Thank you!

Ken T
Sep 26, 2022 7:56 PM
Joined Aug, 2019 1707 posts

No, as the listing channels don't support this.  Instead, there are two supported options:

1. Add a per-guest surcharge beyond a specified minimum:


2. Use the Add-on Services feature to charge for extra services like providing a baby travel cot:


But this only works with direct-book guests.