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Alternatives to WorldPay

Jun 11, 2019 9:11 AM
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I apologize because I did ask about this problem a couple of months ago. I've been out of state selling one of my rental properties and have been too busy to follow up until now.

WorldPay is in different hands now and I am becoming very concerned about staying with them. I am getting mystery fees added including an annual fee of $199 that I was charged without authorization, and that I've tried in vain to have them remove. I just got another bill today with a mystery charge for "OMNISHIELDASSURE" for $24.95. I have called them but they don't answer your questions, they escalate and have a supervisor call back at some undetermined time.

I am down to just two seasonal rental properties without a lot of individual transactions. I get a lot of repeat business where people pay using checks, and I have been getting a lot of business through AirBnB who has their own billing. So I would really like to punt this company as soon as possible.

I don't know what else might be available for a low volume client like myself to integrate with OwnerRez because I've been out of the loop here for a while. I am gearing up again and wanting to launch a new website and get everything up to date and active again. Can you tell me if I have any other options? I just can't deal with all these mystery fees showing up, and I'm sure it's because I go months without having any charges. Thanks for your help.

Jun 11, 2019 12:10 PM
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MoneyGram, PayPal, Walmart to Walmart, ACH transfer, Money Order...

Paul W
Jun 11, 2019 5:29 PM
OR Team Member Joined Jun, 2009 826 posts

If you have very little direct traffic, look into using Stripe or Braintree which give you a ~3% rate but no monthly or annual fees.

Jun 11, 2019 7:25 PM
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JTVRs, I know about all of these of course, I’ve been renting my place out for 21 years. This wasn’t my question. I need to integrate whatever alternative payment system with the OwnerRez quote and booking form on my website, and when I signed up for Ownerrez a number of years ago, we only had a couple of bank choices to select from. None of these other options were possible.

Jun 11, 2019 7:29 PM
Joined Mar, 2016 56 posts

Paul, can I connect these (or any others I might find) with my website quote and booking form like I did with Worldpay?

Chris Hynes
Jun 11, 2019 8:03 PM
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Yep, we've added a lot more over the years. Here's the full list: https://www.ownerrez.com/support/articles/payment-methods

Jun 13, 2019 7:40 AM
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Thank you, Chris. I've been out of the loop for too long and will try to catch up. Thank you very much! It's great to know that I have alternatives to WorldPay (and pay and pay and pay!)