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Channel Bridge - AirBnB Financial Error

Apr 26, 2021 5:49 PM
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There seems to be a slight issue with how channel bridge pulls financial data and how it deals with different currency.

We are UK users and so most of our AirBnB bookings comes via airbnb.co.uk, rather than .com. So all transactions are dealt with in GBP.

However it seems that AirBnB supplies raw data to Channel Bridge in a mixture of GBP and USD, which causes issues with certain fields.

For example on the 'Bookings' tab of the csv file you get when channel bridging, it swaps and changes currency values at will...

Total Amount - USD
Total Owner Amount - GBP
Total Guest Amount - USD
Total Guest Fee - USD
Total Host Fee - GBP
Total Cleaning Fee - GBP

Then on the 'Charges' tab, everything is in GBP

Now when importing that data in to OwnerRez most financial data is correct, as the fields it uses to populate the financials are dragged from the fields already in GBP in the cvs file... except for the 'Guest Listing Site Fee' which uses the 'Total Guest Fee' field to populate the data. That data is in USD and so populates OwnerRez with the USD amount, but as we have our OR account set to GBP currency, it puts a '£' sign next to a USD amount.

Where this has caused some slight issues is that when reviewing our nightly rates, we were under the impression the guests where paying more than they actually are. As we took our 'Total Charged' added the 'Guest Listing Site Fee' and assumed that is what the guests had paid via AirBnB, but now realise that figure is inflated because the currency issue.

Now I know this is more to do with 'how' and 'what' data AirBnB supplies to OR via channel bridge and I have no idea where AirBnB is getting the USD values, as all UK booking are invoiced and charged in GBP. They must do this conversion for their own internal accounting? Who knows?

So the question is, can airbnb supply the 'Total Guest Fee' data in the currency it was charged in, just like it does for other important fields?

This is clearly something that is skews the data for UK customers, but assume the same issue is present for other users around the world that have a different currency of anything other than USD?

Any help on this would be great. Cheers guys.

Chris Hynes
Apr 27, 2021 7:24 AM
OR Team Member Joined Oct, 2012 1400 posts

Yep, the currencies should all match for sure. Looks like the guest fee could be affected by a display setting that's showing USD in some cases. We tracked down a native price field that's got the underlying currency always and released an update to prefer that field.

Do another channel bridge download and you should now see GBP across the board.

Apr 27, 2021 1:51 PM
Joined Feb, 2021 37 posts

Great. It appears all figures are in GBP now. You sorted that much quicker than I thought it could be. Many thanks