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Different contract for different seasons - process?

Loretta K
Dec 26, 2022 10:33 AM
Joined Jul, 2022 12 posts

We normally charge a flat rate for our property regardless of occupancy, but will change it to a two-person rate with extra-person fees for some portion of the year.  I set up a season to do that.   But I haven't figured out an elegant way to manage this with a single contract other than to send another contract later like the pet contract mentioned in the Help articles.

After MUCH head-scratching, I've figured out how to send one contract for the flat-rate seasons and a different one for the extra-fee seasons.  My process is one email for each category of seasons, with the {BULEASE}?a=1234567 (set to the right contract) instead of the {BUFIXUP}, and I use html to make that into a nice clickable link instead of forcing the guest to copy and paste.   Then I have two triggers, each set up with the right emails and seasons and contract.

Three questions on this, mostly for the OR programmers:

1) Is the portion where the guests fill out the custom fields always presented to them when the {BULEASE} field is used?

2) Other than my making mistakes when I set this up, is there something here that I've missed that could mess this up?  

3) Is there a way to do this for the direct bookings?  We have our own website (WordPress) and I use the OR booking widget.