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Hometogo and another disputed payment from the guest (OR team please pay attention)

Tarkan C
Dec 31, 2022 4:55 AM
Joined May, 2020 65 posts

Another guest who came via Hometogo disputed the payment as fraudulent (1332 Euros!) 

5 adults stayed at our apartment for 5 nights and after 27 days of their stay, they disputed the payment. 

We had another case like this about a year ago and Hometogo didn't even respond to our email when we asked for their support. 

Does OR team have some leverage on Hometogo? Could OR team give me at least a contact name and email from Hometogo?

I really don't like Airbnb dominance and I want to work with as many channels as possible but it started to feel like Hometogo is not worth anything.