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How do we test everything --> emails & triggers / erental locks / agreement / hosted website / payment(s) / deposit / etc?

Mar 17, 2019 8:32 PM
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I would like to test everything I have set up, to see what clients see, etc. I realize I cannot really test something like airbnb/HA yet, but I would like to do a complete booking cycle for one client using my (or any sample) hosted website

All the actual emails, set up triggers, their deposit & payment, sending/accepting agreement - signing it, etc. etc.


Rich S
Mar 18, 2019 5:37 PM
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JTVR - if you have a different email address you can book using that address as a test. I did that myself on VRBO with a small fee that they took a small amount out of, but it worked to satisfy me. If you don't have another email address I guess do it from a friend's email?

For testing triggers you can create fake bookings directly in the same manner (not using your hosted website)

Remember to look at emails on phones, tablets and computers. I found oddities on my android phone where I needed to eliminate long links and tables.

Paul W
Mar 18, 2019 8:57 PM
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It's a good idea to test - we highly recommend that. TEST, TEST, TEST everything. And there is no better way of doing that then to pretend to be a guest and start sending your inquiries, responding with quotes and/or booking direct. After booking, look at:

- the email(s) you got as both the guest and owner and their language
- the renter agreement you signed
- the charges and amounts you paid
- the rules about when future stuff will be collected
- the trigger emails that are set to go out on the booking

And then adjust what you don't like.

You can always Void & Delete the credit card payment so that it doesn't go to settlement. Then cancel the booking.

Tim K
Mar 19, 2019 4:13 PM
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Or set up a "pay by check" payment type so you can manually "apply a payment".....