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How to see individual nightly rate a guest booked at

Pam D
Aug 31, 2023 1:53 PM
Joined Nov, 2021 6 posts

I am integrated with PriceLabs for dynamic pricing. My problem is when guests want to change shorten their stay. I don't know how much the guest booked for a particular night because we don't see the individual nightly rates under the "Charges" tab. I can't use PriceLabs or the rates listed in OR to view that nightly rate because the prices are dynamic. I only see what the total rent is. In OR, I have the setting "Rent: Detailed Booking" selected so I thought each night would be split out. What is a way I can view what rate the guest booked for each night?

Adria H
Sep 4, 2023 10:26 PM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2022 119 posts

Hi Pam:

That is an issue, what with the increased popularity of dynamic pricing. We are working on some future solutions. For the moment, for an Airbnb booking you can see that breakdown in the host info. Any other sources would require either PriceLabs or OwnerRez to review audit logs from the date the booking was created. You can use the average price per night if the demand at that time was fairly consistent.