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I am lookin for a mentor that can help me navigate this software

Tim M
Jan 16, 2020 7:29 AM
Joined Dec, 2019 8 posts

My name is Tim and I am a property manager in New York City. I am not a tech person at all. i manage only 5 units. learning ownerrez software has been a challenge, but i am picking it up. There is still so much i do not know. I had my friend's son who is majoring in computer science at Cornell help me set it up . But he is going back to school in 3 days and he will no longer be available. I will be officially on my own and I am kinda nervous. I am looking for a mentor that can help me figure this out. such as:
responding to a booking request.
altering the booking request so It turns into an inquiry.

I know i will pick it up. but my learning process is more being shown what to do over the phone as apposed to reading an article.
I hope there is a kind PM that would be willing to assist.. I will give them a free weekend in New York :)