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Scheduled Reports

Katie Reuben
Oct 16, 2023 2:45 AM
Joined Sep, 2023 8 posts

I must be missing something that should be obvious. How do I schedule a report to be sent via email? Something simple like the "Booking" report being sent daily via email?

Want to send daily at a specific time to specific people. Is this not an option? 

Caleb M
Oct 19, 2023 3:04 PM
OR Team Member Joined Mar, 2022 127 posts

Currently there isn't a means internally to do this, we've talked about this several times in the past and I have confirmed with our engineers it is planned, we just can't give an ETA at this time. 


There are manual methods such as exporting the report and sending it in an email directly, however the automatic portion is what we're still missing.


Jason L
Nov 21, 2023 7:51 PM
Joined Jan, 2023 1 post

How can we vote for this? Ideally, I schedule a report to run 1x/week or daily and it gets sent with the data needed going to my property management team so I don't have to remember to run and send the reports. Thanks!

Caleb M
Nov 29, 2023 5:20 PM
OR Team Member Joined Mar, 2022 127 posts

Generally for requesting new features or showing support for/discussing new features we'd recommend either writing on an existing relevant feature request or writing up a new one. You can find those here - https://www.ownerrez.com/forums/requests

I'm not sure off the top of my head if there are any feature requests active and related to this question.


Gathering Tree
Jan 13, 2024 11:11 AM
Joined Apr, 2021 4 posts

Feature Request: Also looking for automated reports.