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Sep 12, 2010 4:49 PM
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On this page:


I think you want "PayPal Pro", not "PayPay Pro"

Sep 12, 2010 6:20 PM
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Yep, I saw that too and thought the same thing some time back. It's not actually on the quotes page. It's on the "prerequisites" that show when you haven't set up your rates and such.

Sam Westcott
Sep 12, 2010 6:52 PM
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Hi Skikirkwood,

Thanks for pointing this out. You're correct. I've requested that that be fixed in an upcoming hotfix due out later this week.

I can't imagine how we missed a typo of that size after all these months.

Thanks for the feedback,


Apr 3, 2011 2:17 PM
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Hi Sam,
Kudos on your new website. I'm new and hope to see results soon.

Regarding typos, I wanted to mention the following:

On the "BILLINGS DETAILS" page, there are several boxes:
the Top box says: "First Payment Percentage" I assume it means: Deposit portion of Rental Fee" ?
the 2nd box says: "Second Payment Days." That one is confusing and I can't understand its grammar. Does it mean: "Second Payment (deposit???) due 14 days after 1st deposit"?" or: "Full Balance due 14 days before 1st day of occupancy (move-in day)" ?

the 4th box says: Days before to reserve: Again confusing grammar to me. Does it mean: "Days Before Reservation?"
the last box says: Days after to release: Should it say: "Days after End of Rental?"

Thanks for any clarification and... continued success.


Michelle J
Apr 3, 2011 5:14 PM
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You're right that those terms are unclear, as written. That's a result of the developers having to squeeze the text into the label area without much room. In the future, we'll change the text on that page to make it clearer.

You've pretty much guessed them correctly pretty much across the board.

Here's a full explanation:

"First Payment Percentage" means the amount of the total charge that you want to be collected at the time the guest accepts the quote. So if you want the to pay the entire amount up front, you'd enter 100% there. If you want them to only pay the first half, you'd put 50% there.

"Second Payment Days" means the number of days before the arrival date that the second payment will be collected. The second payment is scheduled at the time the guest accepts the quote, and the system automatically collects it. You don't have to remember to come back or bug the guest again. You'll receive emails on that day if the payment succeeds or fails (as will the guest).

"Days Before to Reserve" is the number of days before the arrival date that the security deposit will be reserved. The security deposit is not collected in the sense that a payment is collected from the guest's credit card. It's merely a hold that is put on the card.

"Days After to Release" is the number of days after the departure date that you (the owner) will get an email from the system telling you to release the security deposit. The security deposit is not automatically released because the system does not know if the guests caused any damage to your property. The system sends you an email as a reminder. The release process is a very simple (one click) form that releases the security deposit and sends emails around.

Sorry for the confusing language.