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Account Field Recommendations

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Marina's Edge Re
Jul 12, 2013 10:34 AM
Joined Oct, 2012 206 posts

I was listening to one of my favorite books last night (The eMyth Revisited), I'd recommend it to all vacation rental owners.

It prompted some thoughts. You have created "booking level" and "property level" custom fields. Could you also create "Account Level" and potentially "customer level" fields?

Example: An account level field might be "Website" or "Property Manager Contact Information"

A customer level field might be "Newspaper preference" or "Favorite Wine" or "Family Information". You can imagine the possibilities for CRM (which your system is getting very close to being able to do.

None of the requests are urgent, just wanted to plant some seeds.


Michelle J
Jul 12, 2013 6:03 PM
OR Team Member Joined Jan, 2011 582 posts

Hi Damon,

It would be fairly easy to add account (or user) level custom fields. I'll see if that can be slotted into future development. And I do see the immediate benefit of that, given the framework already in place.

As far as guest level, that would be much harder. We do have some designs on the back burner for centralizing guest records so that you can have an actual CRM system and do reports on your repeat guests and up-selling and such. Obviously custom fields for that would have to wait until CRM stuff was actually out. I can tell you that it will probably a good deal of time before that happens.

There is a lot of focus right now on things like:

- Auto responders for inquiries
- Rules (which go along with auto responders)
- Notes
- Reporting (lots and lots of reporting)
- Accounting integration (QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, etc)

This is the high level focus. Obviously, there are plenty of other things that will be mixed into that. For instance, we just released the ability to move bookings between properties (not blogged yet) which was something we wanted to push out quickly even though it wasn't a high level focus.


Marina's Edge Re
Jul 12, 2013 9:27 PM
Joined Oct, 2012 206 posts

Sounds like lots of great stuff!