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Add a "Select All" Option for Owner Booking Statements

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Carolyn H
Feb 27, 2023 2:25 PM
Joined Sep, 2021 5 posts

Statement Preview

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Where it says SELECT Above it add a SELECT ALL Option so we can select all then uncheck the few we need the data for.

Right now it requires checking many boxes to be excluded which is time consuming every page where the report pulls in records that will need some excluded.

Select Booked On Description Commission DP PM Guest Paid Already Remitted Remitting Now
  Apr 12, 2021 ORB6298448 - Ellie Berger at Hey Mambo! Mambo Italiano $1,491.00 $0.00 $1,491.00 100% $0.00 $1,491.00
Carolyn H
Feb 27, 2023 3:11 PM
Joined Sep, 2021 5 posts

I can't see the message if someone replied?

Caleb M
Feb 28, 2023 5:15 PM
OR Team Member Joined Mar, 2022 144 posts

Currently OwnerRez supports shift+click to select multiple entries on a list at the same time. The way this works is if you select the first box check box, then shift+click the bottom box, it'll select each one in-between as well.


Alana A
Mar 1, 2023 2:02 PM
Joined Oct, 2021 6 posts

Does Shift+ also work on creating owner statements?  Since all owners are auto selected when "Specific Owners" is selected, we must uncheck every owner individually.  Too time consuming to worry with since we have 80+owners.  Select all or none would be greatly appreciated.

Caleb M
Mar 3, 2023 12:48 PM
OR Team Member Joined Mar, 2022 144 posts

The shift+click function typically works whenever there is a table present. There may be edge cases as well, but on the page you've displayed in your screenshot it does not work.

Carolyn H
Mar 3, 2023 1:28 PM
Joined Sep, 2021 5 posts

That is why i put in a request to make it an add on