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Add an option to view where all transactions are paid to

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Carolyn H
Feb 27, 2023 2:08 PM
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Example: PM should be paid 100% property fee, $350 cleaning and 20% of the base rent and 12% taxes
Owner should receive 80% of the base rate, 100% electric fee, $150 cleaning. 


The BEST way for the User experience is to have it right on the charges page with breakdown as a new column "Paid to" and "amount".


Charges    Change ChargesThese charges constitute the 'invoice' that the guest pays you for the booking. Anything affecting the total cost must be entered here. Before issuing refunds, these charges must be adjusted to reflect what is being refunded.

Currency: USD

Item Description Rate Amount Comm.  Exp. 
Rent 7 nights 5,550.00 $5,550.00 20%  
Surcharge Electricity Fee 455.00 $455.00 0%  
Surcharge Cleaning Fee 500.00 $500.00 0% 350.00
Surcharge Golf Cart Fee 455.00 $455.00 20%  
Discount Refund -423.27 -$423.27 20%  
Tax 12 % Tax Includes 7 % FL Sales Tax and 5% Manatee Local Tax 325.25 $325.25    
Total: $6,861.98    

Guest Channel FeesAmounts the guest paid to the listing site directly, like service fees or taxes remitted by the listing site. Record Fee Delete

    Description  Amount 
  Toggle Dropdown Vrbo service fee $691.00
  Toggle Dropdown Vrbo General Sales and Use Tax (FLORIDA STATE) $390.30
  Toggle Dropdown Vrbo General Sales and Use Tax (MANATEE COUNTY) $65.05


Total guest fees $1,146.35