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Allow re-arranging of contact info order and add nick-name, middle name, and company name fields

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Scott J
Aug 31, 2023 7:50 PM
Joined Mar, 2019 184 posts

Often a third party — domestic partner, family member, friend or business rep — books for a guest. When that happens, the contact record for the booking ends up with each of their contact infos. Often, too, yet another third party needs to be communicated with, say if their credit card is being used to pay.

For clarification and communication purposes, there is a need to have the email addresses and phone numbers for one party or the other, typically the guest's, be the first on the list and otherwise arranged.

The only way that OR now allows this is for the particular contact info to be copied and deleted, the whole contact record saved, and then for the record to be opened again, "Add New" clicked on and the contact info pasted into that field and then saved. Depending on how many phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses that need to be arranged, this needs to be done for each, which is an involved process.

Far easier would be to allow us to change the order of phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses right on the page.

Also to improve communications with guests, nick name, optional middle name, and company name fields are needed. If a guest's legal name is Katherine, but they want to be called Katie or something else, they will appreciate being called Katie or that something else in all communications, and it will make our triggered, templated or on-the-fly communications much more personal if that nick name is identified and substitutes the legal first name.

Middle and company names are needed for improved identification purposes.