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Automatic capitalisation of guest names

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Apr 5, 2022 4:48 AM
Joined Jan, 2020 45 posts

Often we have guests write their names without proper capitalisation, and then the automated emails look unprofessional until we manually correct:

Example; Hello john doe 


So could the system not automatically fix each word so only the first letter of each is capitalised? 

Would be a time saver!

Ken T
Apr 5, 2022 10:48 AM
Joined Aug, 2019 1707 posts

The trouble is that not all names work that way.  What about deWitt?  Or O'Hara?

Apr 5, 2022 10:53 AM
Joined Jan, 2020 45 posts

Hehe, well you could have a list exceptions ;)

Chris L
Apr 7, 2022 2:13 PM
Joined May, 2017 206 posts

It's not hard to code some rules around this to handle this.

-If guest enters all lowercase, convert to title case

-If guest enters all uppercase, convert to title case

-If guest enters a mix, make no changes

May 16, 2022 2:23 PM
Joined Jan, 2020 45 posts

Agreed, and it could be something you enable on your account, therefore accepting that there may be some inconsistencies.

May 18, 2022 5:17 PM
Joined Jan, 2020 173 posts

Chris L -- This would be AMAZING!