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Blocking-Mutual Blocking- ability to overlap

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Dec 28, 2020 4:18 PM
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I have several homes for which I also have listings of groups of them together. I find I am frequently doing manual blocks, whether for a repair or project or, for example, for a new house with the calendar blocked ahead whilst I work on getting it ready.

It would be so nice if I could apply a manual block to House B even if some of those dates are already blocked by a system mutual block. For example, new house is also offered as a combo booking with House B, House B books dates in March and June. If I want to block the entirity of all dates into 2021 on the House B & New house combo, I would then need to block Jan-March booking check in, March Booking check in- June booking check in, then June check out through the summer. If, per chance, I go in to edit that, and another booking has come in, say in July. I then need to adjust the manual blocks to not cover booked dates.

It was never a huge deal until all the covid cancellations this year had me having to double check everything every time I edited blocks. I also occasionally do a grouping including a neighbor's home, which is not automatically synced to my calendars, every week I had to check his calendar to verify which bookings had cancelled and were the dates still properly blocked.