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Break up conversation threads by booking

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Ozark Stays
Jul 20, 2023 6:24 PM
Joined Aug, 2020 22 posts

Something confusing I have noticed is how when you have a repeat guest across multiple properties in your portfolio, OwnerRez just lumps all the conversations into one giant thread without any sort of label to delineate what reservation the conversation was related to.

For example:

I have a customer we'll call David. In the past year he has booked 3 different properties in my account's combined portfolio. Each of these properties were tied to a different AirBNB api tied to our OR account (we have 3 AirBNB APIs connected). So when you look at the Conversation for client David, you see this one giant blob of conversation all run together. But this conversation is actually spread across 3 different bookings. What makes it look even more weird is that the conversation reflects the name on the account that the respective API is connected to. So in one part of the conversation the label is "Justus says", a few lines later "Ozark Stays says" and then the most recent one is "Eileen says".

Is there some kind of way a repeat guest conversation can have a line or something to show which actual reservations that portion of the conversation was related to?

Does it technically work right now as is? Yes.

Is it confusing to look at and may cause confusion for hosts? Also yes.

Joel P
Jul 24, 2023 10:15 AM
OR Team Member Joined Oct, 2009 124 posts

Great suggestion, and one we've discussed a lot and have plans to improve upon. 

In the future, we plan to build the inbox as a threaded inbox instead of a guest inbox. This may not exactly match one-to-one with your suggestion here, but it will be similar and will allow us to clearly link the related booking, quote, or inquiry to each thread. It will also keep old conversations from mixing with new ones. 

There's a lot of enhancements planned for the new inbox! You can show your interest in that by voting for that feature too.